Blue Horizon Results

Hello again

Would you mind casting your eyes over my Blue Horizon results please?

I have posted before, but here's a summary of where I am at the moment.

Taking Levo 100 / 125 alternate days

B12 1000mcg

VIT C 1000mg

B Complex

Selenium via 2-3 brazil nuts (checked packaging re selenium)

About to start Magnesium Citrate

Gluten free for 8 months now

I was due to have TSH & FT4 tested this week with GP but that got cancelled due to cyber attack. GP refused to test FT3, ferritin, etc so I did a Blue Horizon 10 test as I also wanted to see how my antibodies were doing & B12 (I know supplementing skews results).

CRP 0.5 <5.0

FERRITIN 115 (20 - 150)

TSH 0.23 (0.27 - 4.2)

T4 Total 106.7 (64.5 - 142)

FT4 16.55 (12 - 22)

FT3 4.29 (3.1 - 6.8)

Anti Thyroidperoxidase abs 211 <34

Anti Thyroglobulin abs 50 <115

B12 870 (def <140, insufficient 140 - 250, consider reducing dose >725

Serum Folate 40.7 (8.83 - 60.8)

I was previously taking 125mg of Levo but got talked into reducing to 100 when my TSH went to 0.12 (I am more knowledgeable about TSH now)...however, my prescription continued to give 125mg so when I felt rough a few months back I started taking 100 / 125 alternate days.

I plan to continue my 1000mcg of B12 & B Complex, unless advised otherwise. My antibodies have reduced drastically, previously 1175, hope that was the result of going GF too.

Symptom-wise ...everything I had before has gone (it feels like a miracle) but I am in dreadful pain when I stop moving, as I type I don't know where to pug my legs, buttocks ache, ankles ache and I wake in the night with dead arms and hands and aching legs...hoping the Magnesium will help with that. That said, compared to 8 months ago I am so much happier 😊 all thanks to the advice and support here.

I am due to have GP's TSH & FT4 test next week and will be interesting to compare results but meanwhile, do you think I should stick to my current Levo dosage or maybe up it to 125 everyday?

As always...thank you x


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33 Replies

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  • Did you have a vit D bloodtest?

  • I didn't because my last test result was 115 and I work everyday outside (I'm a f/t gardener). 😊

  • For a long time my bones ached, then I started supplimenting. One day I realised that I wasn't holding the furniture to take the weight off my feet, I was crippled first thing. D3+k2 sorted it out. I live in France most of the year and am outside most of the time and was still deficient. Good luck with finding a solution.

  • Thank you...hoping that magnesium will help. If not I shall go back to the GP but I'd like to try and fix myself first. I always like to say 'I've done this, tried that'...😊

  • Apologies for being thick but firstly how do you physically reduce 125 down to 100 (a pill cutter?) and when you say you do alternate days do you mean 100 one day and 125 the next or do you mean you go without one day altogether. I am interested as I have a heap of 1/4 grain NDT and after five days felt even worse which is possibly due to high cortisol levels so was thinking about doing alternate days. I am envious of most of your readings and have a useless GP surgery.

  • I have 25 and 100mg tablets, so take 100 one day, 125 the next, etc...

    Trust me, my GP has done nothing, this forum 'saved' me.

    I wish you well xxx

  • Ah right, thanks for your prompt response, I didn't realise there were 25mg tablets of Levo. I only learned recently that that is T4. So is 25mg an average or very small amount.

  • I think a lot of people start their hypothyroid journey with 25 or 50mg Levoand then have regular 6-8 week blood tests to review thyroid levels. At least I believe that's how it's supposed to be...however, real life doesn't always work like that.

    I started with 25mg, then 75mg, 125mg, 100 and now I'm alternating 100/125 every other day.

    I was wondering if anyone would suggest just going back to 125mg every day, bearing in mind my results but nobody has commented on that bit yet. 😊

  • I am only slightly hypo I think but have hundreds of these beastly peroxidase antibodies so Hashimotos. We just get left until they destroy the thyroid altogether and then get put on thyroxin, it's easy that way. In the meantime, go through misery and mental hell, grrrr. Am waiting to see if my latest medicheck was okay as the blood suddenly poured and I went over the line on the container which can make it void so they say. I expect the rest of the forum are having a busy Friday and will get back to you later.

  • My original antibody test was 1175 and advice on here was to try gluten free. Honestly I didn't realise I was gluten sensitive until I was accidently given a non GF food item. I was trumping like a trooper. (Sorry if you're eating πŸ˜‰). I never realised that I was a gassy person (clearly my other half did as has commented that I don't fart anymore) and my bowel motions are normal, again I'd not noticed how abnormal they were. Plus all bloating has gone, sometimes I looked really pregnant. With my antibodies now at 211 looks like going GF for me has really worked and I will never go back.

  • Lol, haven't heard trumping since I was at school. I went gluten free last November but haven't noticed that I feel any better. My original antibodies test was actually one the GP arranged (some sort of miracle never to be repeated) and the hospital lab range was 0-60 and mine were over 1300. I happened to speaking to the vet and he said that was probably the furthest the hospital lab went!! I did do the medicheck one in mid December and that is a different range 0 - 34 and mine 310. So I am hoping even though there are different ranges it means mine had come down a bit despite only being gluten free then for about a month. I was also told to give up dairy which is no hardship for me but still a worry with my bones the way they are. I don't seem to be eating anything much with calcium in it as I cut out broccoli and any of the goitrogenic veg. I do soak a heaped teaspoon of unhulled sesame seeds over night in a tiny bit of filtered water and chump through them each morning. Something I saw on youtube, an Indian holistic person talking about reversing osteoporosis. That will never happen of course but a lot of what he said made sense until he told me that hyperparathyroidism could be cured with diet and then I went right off him, a friend on the parathyroid group referred to him as a dangerous nut job and of course it would be impossible to reverse a growth of that kind by diet.

  • I look like a pregnant granny but I think it is because I have lost 3 inches in height and the blubber has to go somewhere. It's horrible, I even looked into liposuction not from a vanity point of view but because it is uncomfortable. I was reading up about cortisol and rhodiola and whether it can make a difference to stomach fat.

  • Onwards and upwards for us all x

  • I wish!! At the moment I feel it's downhill all the way x

  • Awwwww Elaine. Hang in

  • I got my Medicheck results last evening quite late, very disappointing despite all my efforts with GF and supplements. I'm beginning to think is it all worth it. The pain in my ribs is so bad now I was even thinking mesothelioma which I know is a bit outrageous really but have known two people who died with that and my friend's brother who I never met. I did google it and to my horror, it says that the U.K. have the most cases of anywhere else in the world due to the government not banning asbestos until 1999. Apparently approx. 2.500 die per year still and the age group is 60 - 80!! On that cheerful note, hope you are having better weather wherever you are and have a pleasant Sunday xx

  • Elaine, I am sorry to hear that your Medicheck results were disappointing. Why don't you post your results in a new thread and see what the good people on this forum say? Don't give up, I know for some people, it takes longer for things to kick in and everyone here, including me, will be here to support you.

    You really need to go to a doctor about your rib pain and get checked out or you're going to scare yourself to death.

    Take care and keep in touch x

  • Hi Janey,

    Lol, I always tend to think the worst. It only dawned on me last night as my poor window cleaner a few years ago suddenly got this awful pain under his ribs one summer, he thought he had leaned in an awkward way on the ladder. It went on for weeks and my immediate thought was meso but of course never said and then by Christmas they finally came up with it. He was from Colombia and as kids they used to play with the rings cut off the pipes of the oil companies. It takes decades for it to come out, he reckoned all his little friends would have ended up the same. Here in the U.K. a lot of the portable classrooms had asbestos within the walls.

    To get an appointment at our manky surgery would take weeks and hopefully it will be gone by then. That is my philosophy now, ignore it long enough and it will go away. Ive never had any faith in the NHS not since 1969 when I was terribly ill with brucellosis and the gp kept saying it was all in the head!!!

    I might go and see my osteopath on Monday, he has known me since 1989 and wouldn't do any crunching because of my osteoporosis. I haven't seen him for 12 months as I had this constant back pain at the time, and only found out with an x-ray this year that it was a crushed T5 vertebrae!

    I did post up my miserable results last night and Clutter very kindly responded

    Elaine xx

  • Just read your post...are you not taking any thyroid medication at all?

  • No. Thought I was going to be under this fmp who is also a gp but the second time I saw her she was disgruntled because the complimentary health centre were not covered by the CQC (that "wonderful" organisation which includes overseeing vile nursing homes) so spent Β£150 with her with no proper guidance about supplements and was given a prescription for 1/4 grain of ndt to take for two weeks then 1/2 grain and that was the last I heard of her. 5 days I took it and was awful except the one day where I popped an old mirtazapine the night before and was fine so subsequently finding that mirtazapine reduce cortisol I realised I have an adrenal problem.

  • Oh dear.... πŸ™

  • Nevermind, was reading about Hashimotos left untreated last night and once I go into a coma or heart failure, GP surgery might do something about it. Packing it in for the night now, just seen some back to back Have I got news for you on catch up, that usually gives me a laugh especially when they are so rude about politicians. So an early night night from me xx

  • I've just left a massively long comment on that post for poor Clutter, everyone is so kind and helpful here (just like GP's and Endos!!!) but hope I haven't overstepped the mark. Lovely sunny day, feel so weird today not even dressed but managed to sort the cats out which is the priority, lol. Have lovely sunday, nice and sunny today. I'm covered in Arnica oil and I stink!! xx

  • Catching some rays will always make us feel happier x

  • Sorry about your aches and pains I wonder what is causing that. I try to do gardening but my back is the worst, middle and lower and now I think I have cracked a rib, that or costochondritis The latter is vile but am hoping it is that rather than cracking a rib leaning over a train seat arm because of the implications, ie osteoporosis. Is so difficult to know what disease is causing what problem with me as I already have a crushed vertebrae (severe osteoporosis) and primary hyperparathyroidism which can cause aches and pains too. I hope you get yours sorted. xx

  • Oh dear...I hope you haven't cracked a rib, although at least you would know why you are in pain I guess.

    I may have to go back to the GP re the pain as it is getting worse but I hate going there. Wil plough on (not literally, my clients wouldn't be happy πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚) as long as I can gardening, couldn't bear to give it up.

  • Elaine, you can do the "averaging down" with Levo (via 100 one day then 125 the next) because Levo, synthetic T4, has a half life of 7 days. You cannot do the same thing with your 1/4 grains of NDT because the T3 in them only has a half life of 8 hours (+ or -). So, if you take your 1/4 one day you will be "fine" but if you skip the next day or just take 1/8, half a pill, you will probably feel ill or at least very tired.

    I am on 1.5 grains of NDT and I get 15 hours of normality out of my morning dose. By 9:00pm when my T3 is pretty much gone, I flake out and sleep like a baby for 8 hours. The only inconvenience is that I can't party into the night nor work into the small hours. That's OK, a small price to pay.

  • Thanks for your reply, that was helpful to know. Problem for me is that I feel ill all the time and I thought NDT was going to be the wonder drug. However, after 5 days I felt even worse except for one day when I realised I had taken a mirtazapine the night before in desperation to get some sleep. Have since read of a study done with this anti depressant on healthy individuals and it greatly reduced cortisol. So evidently my adrenals are my problem.

  • I imagine your adrenals are okay and you are not making too much cortisol1 I will persevere as I have about 95 1/4 grains left but will have to wait until I feel a bit better, ha ha, which is very contradictory I know! xx

  • I wonder if you have ever been tested for b6 toxicity?

  • Hello... I wonder which symptom makes you think B6 toxicity may be worth testing for? 😊

  • ...... but I am in dreadful pain when I stop moving, as I type I don't know where to pug my legs, buttocks ache, ankles ache and I wake in the night with dead arms and hands and aching legs...

    you wrote.

    I have all of those, plus a lot more. B6 toxicity also influences thyroid levels, somehow - not too sure how yet.

    Take a look at this tread, and see if anything looks familiar

  • Thanks for that link. Fingers crossed it's not that. I'm beginning to wonder if it's related to my job...gardener...and being on my feet all day, etc...

    I do take a B Complex which includes 10mg of B6. Will delve more into your thoughts though...thank you ☺

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