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Private blood test confusion!


If someone doesn't mind helping I'd really appreciate it. Sorry if this is a question only I can answer but I'm so confused and it's stressing me out.

I'm looking into private tests and trying to find the cheapest way of getting everything I need. But I'm not quite sure what that is. I'm petrified of needles so looking at finger pricks and my gp can't test certain things like t4 and t3 so if I let them do it I'd still want to go private to get a better idea of what's going on. So I'd rather just do it all in one.

Firstly, I had my last tests done through bh but seem to be swaying towards medichecks profiles this time. Will that make a difference when comparing results? Or do they both use county pathology lab for finger pricks?

On my last thyroid test the following were out of range so would need these definitely:

Tsh, ferritin, crp, folate, b12, vit d.

I want my t3 & t4 because they were low in range. My thyroid antibodies were also out of range but I don't think retesting is of any benefit?

I've started b12 injections recently. The b12 test I did was serum and slightly low. Do I need to repeat the same test to compare or would it matter if I had active b12 done this time?

The gp said I needed full blood count and test for PA. So I was going to get intrinsic factor (£50) and full blood count (£25) plus thyroid +10 (serum b12, ferritin, folate, crp, vit d, tsh, t4, t3, tt4, tpo antibodies, tg antibodies) (£99)

However I've been looking on medichecks and found well woman checks that combines fbc and most of what i had done last time (minus t3, tt4 and antibodies) but also looks at liver, kidney, proteins, bones, diabetes, proteins, bones, hormones, tumor markers, cholesterol etc:

For £149 seems like a good deal?

But is there anything on there that will actually be of benefit to me and diagnosing PA or hypothyroid?

On the other hand there a b12 test

Vitamin B12 - Active (Holotranscobalamin), Normal B12 - Regular (Colobalamin), Folate, ferritin and fbc. (£99)

And I've also been looking at the MMA urine test (£119) and a thyroid ultrasound (£130).

I'm just so confused! I could easily spend over £500 on this. I obviously want the best picture of my health but don't want to waste money on things I don't need :-/

I spoke to blue horizon and they said I can send a request for a personalised profile quote. But I don't know how much to include or ask for :-/

They also said I'd only get the three lancets regardless of how many tubes I'd need to fill (atleast 2 for thyroid and fbc) because if I can't do it in three then I'm probs not suitable for finger prick testing as should be able to fill a tube with 1. 2 max.

I struggled the first time to fill over half with 3. The second I probably could have got away with 2 but did 3 to fill completely. Maybe I'm just getting better at it :-/

Medichecks have just replied to say they'd send me 6 lancets for 3 tubes and I can add on t3 to the ultravit for £30. They've also said if I send a list of what I need as a whole they will provide a quote and how often I need to test they will look into if they can offer any discounts for me.

I'm definitely preferring their customer service so far.

I just don't know where to start. We're going on holiday next week so I could do with only getting the essentials this month then maybe looking into kidney liver etc next month. But I want to take enough info to my gp that she can make a decision to treat without needing more tests :(

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Make a list of the tests you need. If you order B12 serum you can compare with previous results to see whether B12 is rising.

Why do you want MMA and ultrasound?


Hi clutter,

I think MMA is used to diagnose PA? I don't know if I'd need it if I had intrinsic factor antibodies? I've asked on the PA forum too.

I'd like the ultrasound for peace of mind more than anything. I always feel like I have something at the back of my throat, like a lump and mucus which I spend about 5 mins every morning coughing up. It's horrible. My chest and lungs are fine.

I told my gp but she didn't discuss it. I remembered after I'd left the room as ran back in to ask her to feel quickly. She said it felt fine but I don't know. I think part peace of mind and part another reason to get a diagnosis and treatment. My TGO antibodies 565.1(<115) were a lot higher than my TPO 80.6 (<35)

Do you think it would be a waste of money? I don't want to look like a hypochondriac either but I still feel crap after b12 loading injections, folate and vit d supplements.

Thanks :)



Have the ultrasound but why not wait for the MMA test until you've a result for IF. If the IF is positive you won't need MMA too.

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Thank you, that's what I was wanting to know. I don't know what it is exactly that I do NEED. and the cheapest way to get it or best value.

Do I NEED either the intrinsic factor or mma? Or can it be diagnosed from the full blood count and I should do that first or get both?

Thanks again



You need IF if you want to check for PA. If IF is negative it may be worth ordering MMA. They can't be analysed from FBC.

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Thanks clutter.

I'm going to get the well woman ultravit and add on t3 then IF antibodies in 2 weeks to be clear of my last b12.

Is there any point retesting antibodies or getting active b12 checked?

Last question I promise :) the ultravit has tumor markers. If these are negative does that mean there's no point in the ultrasound? Or is there still other info from an ultrasound that can be beneficial in diagnosis and treatment? X



I don't think there is any point in retesting antibodies unless you want to monitor dietary or lifestyle changes which might have reduced them.

I don't see the point in active B12 testing as you know you are B12d. PAS will be better informed to advise you.

Why would negative tumour markers make a thyroid ultrasound pointless?


I don't know, I thought that was what the ultrasound is looking for, sorry! :)

Thank you.



An ultrasound scan will note the condition of the thyroid gland and will measure the size of your thyroid gland and any goitre, nodules or cysts on the gland.


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