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First set of tests since starting Thyroid-S - advice please

First set of tests since starting Thyroid-S - advice please

Hello Knowledgeable Ones,

The following are my first set of blood tests c7 weeks after increasing my dose of Thyroid-s to 2 grains.

I haven't spoken to the Endo who requested them yet, but have had a message passed on by her receptionist that I am over medicated. (I don't think I am - I self medicate so I control my dose!)

The tests were taken at c8.45am, fasting and a little more than 24 hours after my last dose of Thyroid-S.

I also supplement D3/K2, 150mg elemental iron with 1,000 of Vit C, magnesium, selenium, zinc daily and B12 / B complex once or twice a week (as I was and still am over range - although levels have dropped since I reduced how often I supplement). I hadn't taken any of these in the 4-5 days in the run up to the tests.

I have been monitoring my waking temp and heart rate and after an initial improvement my waking temp has started to trend down again. Averages below plus a picture of my pretty graph is attached.

My weight initially started to go down, then Xmas happened (!) and after a few ups and downs, it is now staying stable.

In terms of other symptoms, everything but weight and libido is slowly showing improvement, and my head is clearer than its been in years.


* I don't think I'm over-medicated, and would like to try a slight increase in meds, but I am not sure whether this should be my focus, or whether I should be trying to get my ferritin levels up first?

* If you think a small increase in Thyroid-S is in order, whether it should be tiny (e.g. 1/4 grain) or half a grain?

* Is there anything else I'm missing?

The scores on the doors:

Waking Avg temp / pulse on 125mg Synthroid 36.3 / 72

Waking Avg temp / pulse on 1 grain Thryoid-S (10 Days) 36.5 / 72

Waking Avg temp / pulse on1 1/2 grain Thryoid-S (10 Days) 36.5 / 67

Waking Avg temp / pulse on 2 grain Thryoid-S (60 days) 36.3 / 75

Test Results

25-OH-Vitamin D 85 nmol/L (Complete ranges:

<25 deficient, <75 insufficient, 75-200 Optimal, >250 toxic)

TSH 0.12 mU/L (0.40 - 5.50)

FT3 4.8 pmol/L (3.8 - 6.0) - if I increase by 20% to take into account the 24 hour gap in meds this becomes a result of 5.76

FT4 7.8 pmol/L (7.5 - 16.0)

Vit B12 987 pmol/L (110 - 630)

Ferritin 49 ug/L (12 - 192)

Thanks in advance!

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Endo may feel you are over medicated because TSH is below range although it isn't technically suppressed. You aren't over medicated though because FT4 and FT3 are within range. I wouldn't worry about FT3 being temporarily over range after a dose and think there is scope for a small dose increase. Start with 1/4 grain otherwise you may shoot past your sweet spot. If 1/4 grain isn't enough you can raise by another 1/4 grain

VitD and B12 are good.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range so you may want to supplement iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minise constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from NDT and retest in 4-6 months.

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Thanks Clutter.

The next challenge is the discussion with the Endo about why I am ignoring her advice ... happy days!



Is there any point in seeing an endo when you are self treating?


Probably not - i got referred before I started self treating and she agreed to carry out blood tests, hence me sticking with the referral.

I think I would have been discharged as a straight forward case at our first meeting if I hadn't mentioned I had switched to self treatment.

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results are fine but ferritin us still way too low

ferritin,folate,b12,vitd3 must all be halfway in their ranges


Hmm, I have been taking 150mg elemental iron with 1,000 of Vit C daily for months and it's not done much so I'm thinking I might need to double the dose for a while.


no no you cannot start doubling an iron dose its dangerous

there will be a reason why you are not absorbing iron

it could be low stomach acid as happens in hypothyroid and betaine /pepsin with meals helps

some people find eating liver us the key because it contains another element thats needed

it may be your taking other meds we dont know about

do you use aluminium or non stick coated cookware or foil because they mess us the body

only ever use stainless steel or glass or cast iron cookware

check with your water supply co that they do not use alum or aluminium or flouride in their treatment works

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