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Starting on Thyroid-S

I am switching today from Levothyroxine to Thyroid-S and have a plan but would welcome any suggestions to improve it!

I started on Levo over 3 months ago on 25mcg raised to 50mcg about 6 weeks ago. Hypo symptoms have got worse so I guess I'm under-medicated.

However, due to my age and probable long history of hypothyroidism I plan to begin with just half a grain a day (split into 2) for a few days and if no adverse effects raise it to 1 a day which should be more or less equivalent to the dose of Levo I was on.

Then I plan to raise every 2 weeks to eliminate hypo symptoms.

Does this sound like a good plan?

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Hi BMG. I think you would be doubling your dose in a matter of days by going to one grain (since 1/2 grain is equal to 50 mcgs. of Levo). The only worry is the T3 in the NDT that your body is not used to having from outside. I think I'd wait more than two days to see how it affects you.

It was probably too slow of inceases with your Levo.


Yet again I got confused and had forgotten what I'd read somewhere! Flippin heck, good job I asked.

Thank you I will start on 1/4 grain a day for a couple of days and then raise to half.


LOL, yes, ask. Five hypos equal one normal brain:)

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An average dose when taking levothyroxine is around 150mcg some much more, so you were underdosed on levothyroxine. Whatever medication you take it has to be, eventually, an optimum dose.

Half a grain of NDT is equal approx to 50mcg, so why split the dose? I believe that all NDT tablets are made to be taken once daily. I do know some split, but it is the T3 which has to 'saturate' our cells to enable our metabolism to be raised sufficiently for us to feel well.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you, Shaws... I think I must have muddled up advice on taking NDT and T3 :-( I will take them once a day, then.


Bobsmydog you haven't muddled the advice. Most people introduce T3/NDT in 2 daily doses until they see how they tolerate it. Some are sensiive and it can be easier to handle in two split doses as it spreads the effect a little more smoothly. Others feel the T3 wears off unless they split dose 6-12 hours apart. It's suck it and see to find what suits you. Advice is generally to start on half a grain, hold for one/two weeks and then increase by half grain increments until symptoms resolve or on 2 grains and then hold on 2 grains for 4 weeks and have a blood test to check levels before increasing further.


Thank you :-)


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