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Myo Inositol in Combination with Selenium for subclinical Hashimoto's

My wife has diagnosed Hashimoto's with TPO antibodies ranging from 116 Iu/ml (6 Jan 2017) to 146 (22 Jul 2016) and TSH ranging from 4.78 Iu/mL (6 Jan 17) to 6.010 (22 July). She started supplementing with Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D3, and some other adrenal support and B-vitamins at our functional medicine doctors suggestions. I've been researching potentially other supplements and herbs with clinical evidence of success. She went Gluten free as well after diagnosis which might explain some of the improvement in her numbers. We are vegans. She also has slightly low platelets which might be another autoimmune issue (ITP). She did have an ultrasound of her Thyroid which was slightly abnormal - small nodules. They recommended another US in one year.

She is currently not taking any Synthroid since she doesn't have a lot of symptoms other than slight fatigue.

Just the other day I stumbled upon an article discussing a double blind randomized clinical trial testing selenium alone or selenium in combination with myo inositol.

The published results...

Patients were randomized into 2 groups with:

Group A = 83  g selenomethionine/day

Group B = 83  g selenomethionine and 600mg of myo-inositol

Thyroid Antibodies Results: At the end of the study whilst thyroid antibodies had reduced significantly in both groups:

Group A (selenium only): TPOAb decreased by 42% and TgAb decreased by 38%.

Group B (selenium + inositol): TPOAb decreased by 44% and TgAb decreased by 48%.

TSH Results:

Group A (selenium only): no change in the TSH level.

Group B (selenium + inositol): TSH concentrations significantly decreased in combination treatment group by 31%!

How the Participants Felt:


Has anyone seen this? Curious about everyone's opinion on adding myo inositol to the supplement list in addition to the selenium she's already taking.


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Low B12 can cause fatigue ....


Reading up on it, it doesn't look as if it will do any harm, so why not just try it? Most treatment of hypo is a matter of trial and error, anyway.

Do make sure she's taking enough B12 - did she have her level tested before starting the B vits? How about her level of D3? She should also have her ferritin tested.


Regarding B12, we are Vegans so we take B12 regularly. Her B12 level was 391 pg/mL (reference range 211-946) in July 2016. We've increased our B12 intake since than since the levels were at the lower end of the range.

From a D3 perspective, her level in July was 47.5 ng/mL (reference range 30.0-100.0) without supplementation. She began supplementing with 5,000 IUs/day and her level increased to 79.2 ng/mL in September.

I agree with your assessment. Since a small RCT exists and there doesn't seem to be any negatives associated with the inositol supplementation, she'll give it a try and retest her TSH and TPO antibodies in 3-6 months.


Well, her vit d still has a way to go. :)


I've been reading up on this as well, it seems inositol is very good for insulin resistance so well worth a try. Getting glucose into the cells should help with fatigue.

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I am interested to know whether your wife started selenium + inositol combination if so it would be much appreciated to share what Myo-Inositol 600 mg she is taking. I am strongly considering to try myself.

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