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2nd test since starting NDT , thoughts would be appreciated

This is my second test since changing over to Nature Throid .i take 1 grain an hour before breakfast and half a grain around 3 pm on the whole I feel pretty good apart from some joint pain still ( arthritis I feel ) .i have an app soon at Dr who doesn't know I am self medicating and I know will be unhappy with TSH .i have continued to collect my thyroxine as it is easier thing to do ...but I will have to come clean soon

CRP. 0.40. Normal up to 5.0 mg/l

ferritin High 196 .0. Range 20-150 ug/l... I don't take any iron supplements

TSH low 0.02. 0.27-4.20

T4 total 91.7. Range 64.5-142.0 nmol/l

Free T4 18.57. Range 12-22 pmol/l

Free T3. 5.60. Range 3.1 to 6.8 Pmol/l

Anti thyroid abs High 95.1. Up to 34 normal

Anti thyroglobin. High 638.9 normal up to 115

VIt B12 561. Def 140.. insufficient 140 -250 .. I have been takin 1000 methycobin and b complex daily .. didn't take 2 days prior to blood test .

Serum folate 40.96. 8.83- 60.8. Nmol

Had vIt D done can't Find result but was 220 something over adequate !!

I took the half grain at 3pm the day before and had bloods drawn at 10 pm .thankyou Val

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Val-55 Speaking as someone who has added T3 to their Levo and I have no intention of telling my GP (it will really open up a massive can of worms), and with results very similar to yours then if you don't want to confess to using NDT I don't see that you need to.

If your GP is unhappy with your TSH, all you have to do is point out that your FT4 and FT3 are well within range and that taking any thyroid hormone replacement will lower or suppress TSH because your pituitary no longer needs to produce it to stimulate your thyroid to produce T4 because you're providing the T4 with the Levo.

If he doesn't want to accept you thyroid tests then suggest he does his own. The results should come back similar and as long as FT4 is in range (unlikely that they'll do FT3) then there shouldn't be a problem.

I would then turn the conversation to your over range Ferritin and ask what he's going to do about that.

Are you addressing the Hashimoto's ie gluten free and supplementing with selenium? Also B12 (recommended is very top of range, even 900-1000)?

If you are supplementing with D3 you could reduce your dose to bring it down tongue recommended 100-150nmol/L.


Thankyou for your reply ,, hmm I think you are right and won't volunteer info unless need be . My ferritin is always over range and I have asked the Dr before about it , he though it wasn't high enough to be of concern .. I have arthritis in my neck so is probably that causing imfammation. I am gluten free but occasionally fall off the waggon , I will buy some selenium 200 is the dose I think .I will carry on with B12 have only been taking a higher dose over the last 3 months and the range has doubled from last test .


That's right, selenium L-selenomethionine - 200mcg daily. This is the one I use, small and no odour (unlike some!)


I have personally taken all of my thyroid hormones whatever I've been on once daily. After all, we are going to be on hormones for life and, for me, it is inconvenient to take more than once daily. I also feel well. I shall give you a link by a doctor who knew more than most as he was a scientist too.

He also took a blood test of his patients only for diagnosis and never took another blood test thereafter but it was all on how the 'patient felt' on particular doses. More or less how doctors treated patients before the blood tests were introduced. Got to the date: December 20, 2003 and January 30, 2002 although all other questions are informative. :)

Your tests look fine at present because your dose of NDT is quite low so I don't think your doctor will be inquisitive. Usually when on a dose which suits our T3 will be higher as levo doesn't contain it but NDT does. He may want to adjust your dose due to your TSH but they are unaware it is irrelevent to how the patient 'feels' on a particular dose. The best part is that you feel much better on NDT. :)

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I've started to take my T3 in one dose now shaws . I was splitting it and it was such a faff, couldn't have a coffee or a biscuit or whatever, trying to fit it in between lunch (and I'm always late with that) and evening meal. Late evening was no better because I'm a bit of a snacker and like a biscuit between evening meal and going to bed. So I started taking it all in one go along with my Levo first thing in the morning before getting up. I'm pleased to say I haven't noticed any difference at all, was maybe expecting an afternoon slump but it hasn't happened. It's so much easier :)


Yes Thankyou , I do feel so much better .but's a worry when you are going against Dr ..,as long as the low TSH isn't a problem , obviously my T3 will be higher when I'm taking NDT or 4 hours after ,is it likely to go really high ? I don't have palpitations (fingers crossed ) and I don't feel hot and itchy as I always felt on Throxine as my T4 levels were always over range and T3 around 3.5 .I couldn't open your link it went to an O2 mobile site .. if you don't mind perhaps you could send it again .regards Val


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