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Blood Test results for my Mum , your help appreciated

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my mum who is 83 . I enclose full thyroid results from Blue Horizon and would appreciate you thoughts before we tackle the Dr again.Thanks

TSH 2.96. Range 0.27-4.20 IU/L

free T4 14.11. range 12-22

Free T 3 4.08 Range 3.1- 6 .8 pmol/L

T4 total 90.9 Range 64.5-142.0 nmol/L

AntiThroidperoxidase abs. 12.2 normal up to 34 klU/L

anti-thyroglobulin abs. High 119.7 normal up to 115. Ku/L

CRP. 1 .40. normal up to 3. MgL

ferritin 177.3 High ,Range 20-150 ug/L

VitaminB12 Low 183. deficient under 140. pmol/L

Insufficient 140 to 250

Serum Folate. 32.21. 10.4-42.4 nmol/L

I would appreciate thoughts on what to do next .

thanks Val

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Val, Thyroglobulin antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH levels increase with age and 3.0 is normal for >75 years of age. FT4 and FT3 are low in range.

CRP is an inflammation marker and 1.4 is good and low. Elevated ferritin, unless supplementing iron, can indicate infection or inflammation. It could be due to a cold or virus at the time of testing. 177 is slightly over range, not unduly elevated.

B12 is very low and flagged as insufficient. I would have your mother supplement 5-10,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches for 8 weeks to boost levels and then reduce to 5,000mcg daily. Good levels of B12 help protect against dementia which is often misdiagnosed due to low B12. She should also take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.


Thankyou Clutter for your reply ..Shall we discount the Thyroid issue with my Mum now ? As the Dr will not be willing to treat with the levels reported or is it worth a try again as positive antibodies ...she has a lot of the symptoms hair loss , extreme fatigue etc or would boosting b12 as suggested relieve a lot of her symptoms ? Mum needs a knee replacement due to Arthritus which would account for high Ferritin I would imagine ....Is it worth trying a small amount of NDT in a couple of months after getting B12 levels up . As previously posted I have Hashi as does my sister and my daughter ... Obviously my mum has had it all her life , previously untreated Graves ( she suffered extreme anxiety and palpations when younger) .It is difficult as she is so active in her brain but frail and tired in her body ..... Doing nothing all the time is so difficult when we all know the symptoms of Thyroid disease but I suppose due to her age Dr would rather leave it !!


Val, NHS doesn't usually treat until TSH is >4.2 or FT4 below range. It's not an age thing but your mother hasn't got years to wait for her levels to hit the magic number before getting treatment which will take months/years to relieve symptoms.

Hair loss can be age related, and fatigue can certainly be due to low B12 as well as hypothyroidism, but if your mother has other hypothyroid symptoms thyroid replacement may be helpful. It would be best if you can get her GP onside, especially if she is likely to be in hospital for a a knee replacement soon, as self medicating may be problematic. If GP doesn't go for it make sure you start with a low dose, say 1/4 grain and increase in 1/4 grain increments every couple of weeks.

Have a look at this link:


Next time your mother has blood tests order vitD as that's often deficient in the elderly. If she doesn't get out of the house into the sun she can supplement 2,500iu D3 daily now. It may not be enough but will be better than nothing.


Sorry to ask again about B12 it seems a lot of tablets sold are low dose and would have to take such a lot ...Is 500 ug 5000mgc ? I've been looking on Nutri site , Mum has bought her own and is taking 100 mgc per day ,,,, useless I imagine ....Where would you suggest as the best place to purchase. many thanks once again .Val


Val, ug = mcg. You can buy high dose B12 on Amazon and ioffer.com B12 is probably the only vitamin which can't be overdosed. You can buy 1,000mcg and 5,000mcg. The higher dose would be better for your mother.

If you use Amazon please use the affiliate link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/go_sho...


Sorry to ask again about B12. Where do I buy high dose ? Have been looking on Nutrition site ,, they sell 500 ug is that the same as 5000mgc I get confused with the doses .Mum has bought her own and taking 100mgc per day ,, useless I imagine .She is scared of the high dose , can it cause any problems ? Told her she won't get her levels up if she doesn't take for a while .many thanks again Val


Thankyou Clutter ... HerTSH has been over 6 in the past !!! I think we will try B12 first ... Will Dr recommend as high a dose or shall we get on with it .I can't see her getting her knee done , she has decided against it .she takes vit D and goes outside regularly ....We will decide if she is up to self medicating ,, but you know how it is it's quite scary to think you are going against the Dr especially when older .But we will speak to Dr again about it ..Thankyou once again for your kind advice .regardsVal


Thankyou very much ... Good to know can't overdose I'm sure that will elay her fears Regards Val


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