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I would appreciate your thoughts on blood test, feeling pretty bad at the moment !

I have a blue horizon test every year as my Dr refuses to do other than TSH. I am constantly complaining of joint pain,though 5 weeks ago I had an accident and broke 2 ribs ..the severe pain has gone and constantly taking pain killers every 6 hours numbed the rest of my body pain . I feel and look tired , not sleeping well and sweating and itching ..I went into work today and was told ,,you don't look well ,lovely !!!  My previous test showed high ferritin that my Dr said was not a problem but I note my antibodies have also jumped up from 350'tpm527.. I take 75 much of Levo and previously took 50 /75 ,I am worried if I reduce down again my T3 that is quite low will slip further ..Dr will not entertain T3 or NDT  have been thinking of sorting myself but it's quite scary too go alone .

CRP.     0 .50.     Range  up to 5.0

ferritin  189.7.    Range 20 to 150    Ug/l

TSH.       0.46.      0.27-4.20.   IU/L

T4 total.   127.0.    64.5-142 .0.  Nmo/l

FRee T4.       24.05.      12-22. Pmo/l

free T3   3.88.     3.1-6.8.   Pmol

Anti thyroidperoxidase  115.9   Up tom34

ANti thyroglobulin Abs   527.2  up to 115 normal 

bit B12 415.    Insufficient  140 to 250 pmol 

Serum Folate 40.53 10 .4 to 42.4


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Sorry about your accident.  I'm sure between that and the pain killers, your adrenals have suffered, plus, they are affecting your pituitary to reduce TSH in order to preserve your resources.  It's obvious you cannot convert enough of your thyroxine to FT3.   This may be a temporary set back.  Maybe adding some adrenal support would help.  Even adding a bit a T3 while reducing Levo might be effective.  It's not dangerous.  I've tried all sorts of combinations. 

High ferritin could be due to inflammation but your C reactive protein is very low which is  also an inflammatory marker. 


Thankyou for your reply , the bllod test I had a year ago ..I think it's on my posts ..showed high ferritin ,over range t4 then with my t3 about the same ....yes I agree the accident has made it worse and mtvTSH ha s gone a lot lower was always around 1.5,, I've always had joint pain but   Didn't feel completely drained hair has gone really wierd and can do nothing with it . I will get some adrenal support ..I took some a few years ago  I remember ..I think it was a Nature product !  I have another  Dr blood test due I will see what the readings are there and then decide about T3 or trying NDT ,,as my daughter is having a big improvement on this is just as I said going against thebGp ,, but it seems that are happy to keep,you unwell with thyroid issues .Thanks Val


happy to keep,you unwell with thyroid issues .

Only if you let them, Val.  So MANY are taking control of their health and there is plenty of support here when you need it.   Massage is very helpful for stress and keep moving but don't tax yourself. 

Your thyroid has a lot to do with serotonin and dopamine as well.

I wish I could post the videos about this but Dr. David Clark has 24 reasons for low thyroid  on You Tube and very well worth watching. 


Thankyou  I will take a look on u tube 


Val, now that I reread about your joint complaints plus your high ferritin, I wonder if you should check out hemochromatosis.  I don't know if there is another test for it but read up on it and see what it tells you.   Iron can collect in joints and cause pain.


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