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Latest blood test with BH

I would be grateful if someone could cast an eye over latest results.

I am doing better than I was anyway but would like your opinions

TSH. L. 0.01. O.27-4.20

T4 total. 71. 64.5-142.0

F4. 13.28. 12.22

T3. 4.74. 3.1-6.8

Vit D. 70

Vit. B. H. 1062

Serum folate. 34. 8.83-60.8

I take T4. 75mcg

T3. 12.5mcg

I have been supplementing b12. Because of low level 5.000 for about 6 weeks now I take 1000 each day Jarrow sublingual

JarrowB-right (but not every day as it caused some very fast heart beats)

Gentle Iron 20mg and vit C

I would be glad to hear from someone more experienced than myself,

Trying to read up, but some days it's in one ear and out the next 🙄 Xx

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your results are simply middling you have a way 2 go yet

replace the gentle iron with eating liver once or twice a week its the best way to raise ferritin which is so vital for hypothyroids since only liver contains iron plus correct form of vitamin A which is needed in order to absorb it


Thank you for reply it gives me hope of an improvement .

Forgotten what feeling ok is😢


Sorry to butt in, but can it be Liver pate or Liver sausage, instead of plain Liver each time?


From a quick Google search:

Chicken liver pate has 9.2mg iron per 100g.

Liver pate has 5.5mg iron per 100g

Liverwurst spread has 8.9mg iron per 100g

Beef Liver has 17.9mg iron per 100g

Lamb's liver has 7.4mg iron per 100g

Chicken liver has 12.9mg iron per 100g

And I found this which disagrees with the above regarding amounts of iron in the different animals' livers:

Liver Comparison Chart

From: Nutrition Almanac, by John D. Kirschmann

Beef - Lamb - Veal - Chicken - Duck - Goose - Turkey

Amount1lb - 1lb - 1lb - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

Weight: gm454 - 454 - 454 - 32 - 44 - 94 - 102

Iron29.5 - 49.4 - 39.9 - 2.74 - 13.4 - (-) - 11

(Full list of other nutrients in the table here if you scroll down ) It really does seem to be a super food.

I've done very well raising my Ferritin level on just lamb's liver.

If you don't like liver as a meal then it can be added to casseroles, cottage pie, curry, bolognese sauce, etc.


Thank you. I'm not sure about Liver as I have had different results in palatability from cooking. The trick I have found is to have it quite thinly sliced. I have no difficulty however with various Pates & Sausages. I'll give it another go. Our Mums and Grannies did know best, when they made us eat it once a week didn't they.


I slice it thinly too, soak in milk, drain and dry it off, fry gently in plenty of butter for not too long. I also cook the onions in butter.

Being a child of the late 40s/50s when there were no convenience foods, it does make you realise that way of eating was better.

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Gcart There's room for your FT3 to rise a fair bit if you're not feeling optimally medicated.

Vit D is recommended to be 100-150nmol/L so you could do with increasing that.

A few people have had problems with Jarrows B Right, you could try Thorne Basic B instead or another decent brand. Compare the amounts of ingredients, you should find them online.

What is your ferritin level? If you need to raise your ferritin then I agree absolutely with RFU, liver is a very good way, eat once a week. To maintain an already good Ferritin level then once a fortnight should be enough.


Thank you so much , your comments on my husbands reflect my thoughts . All learnt from this wonderful forum. His anti bodies

7. <34

17.5. <115

So I guess clear of hashi

Mine are also well below range

Ferritin level for me is 70.5. Range 20-150

More thoughts on that level ? X


Not positive for Hashi's with that test. Positive antibodies confirm it. One negative test for antibodies doesn't necessarily mean you can discount Hashi's completely. Those are low, like mine, but I've retested 3 or 4 times over the years and am happy to say they've always been similar to that so I accept that I don't have Hashi's (also, I've never had fluctuations of symptoms to suggest it anyway). It might be an idea to retest at some point just to make sure.

Your ferritin level has reached the minimum needed for thyroid hormone to work. I've seen it said that for females 100-130 is best. My last test was about 86, which is a vast improvement on what it was, but I'd like it to be 100 before I'm completely happy.


I do quite like liver and onions so will get some very soon,


Tea tonight,liver and onions !

Thankyou for all your advice


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I hope you enjoyed it Gcart :) . I had some on Wednesday night.

There's a little restaurant a short walk from my house, does home cooked food, uses our local butcher, and one of their dishes is liver and onions in a giant Yorkshire pudding with mashed potatoes, veggies and gravy. I might treat myself next week, it will be interesting to see if it tastes as nice as mine (it's so easy to over cook it), and their food is very reasonably priced :) .


Hello SS yes we did enjoy it. I cooked curly kale, peas, and mashed pots. Not forgetting the rich brown gravy.

Made the mistake of frying onions in coconut oil which made them too sweet for my taste, won't do that next time!

Will certainly have it once a week , it's something I did when with parents back in. The 60 s

Our old mums had it right .

Lucky you finding a GOOD quality restaurant .

Thank you.


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