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Jet lag from Hell

Hi all Im hoping that some of you out there can help me on this one. My vit D has been very low at 34 so decided to get some winter sun. I have been taking vitd, magnesium, k2, calcium. Also low b12 so have been taking b12 and b complex. Taking all the suppliments even kelp and selenium which at the moment is the only thing thats helping my thyroid function. Last blood test was a month ago tsh 2.86 from 4.1 ft4 16.8 range 12-22 ft3 only half way in range I would have to check the numbers. The problem being I flew south to Madeira no time change but its now 5 days and I feel terrible. Bad headache, everything hurts, feel like I have bad case of flu. Its not flu, no fever or cold symptoms but I feel terrible. I presume its some kind of thyroid reaction to the 4 hour flight? Im not taking thyroid meds as doc says i dont have a thyroid problem! Anyone else felt like this and if so any tips to fix it? The flight going didnt effect me at all, only coming home mind u I came from 25c to 3c! Thank you xx

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I very much doubt that jet lag is affecting your thyroid levels. Temperature may be doing so. Many people report feeling very much better in warm climes and TSH is usually lower which means FT4 and FT3 must be higher.

Kelp is high in iodine and iodine is known to reduce thyroid hormone levels and raise TSH. Too much iodine can also induce autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and trigger flares ups in Hashimoto's patients.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I have an iodine and selenium defficiency. Without them my tsh was 4.1. My ft4 was 13 and my ft3 was low. I have been taking the kelp and selenium for over a year it seems to be the only thing that prevents the headaches and muscle pain? I dont eat seafood of any kind. Doc wont help always told my bloods are in range. Blue horizon picked up the low d, low b12, low folate, low ferritin. I have been doing what I can to bring all those up with suppliments. I hoped the sun would help the low d. I felt great when I was there no problems but since I came home Im going crazy with pain. X


sorry forgot also had my antibodies checked no problems there they were very low.


I had similar reaction even in summer coming back from very hot Spain to a normal British summer.

We use a large % of energy just to keep warm.


Plane journeys make me ill. All that recycled air, all those recycled germs. Bleurgh!!!


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