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Feeling really awful on waking up from sleep?

Hello there,

Im on 50mg of Thyroxine and generally feeling fine, just recently though on waking up in the morning im feeling absolutely terrible, I feel like ive been running a marathon all night, first of all my muscles ache, I also feel not refreshed atall but exhausted that I can hardly open my eyes I have this really weird feeling through my body like I have the flu, and also am quite dizzy......I take my throxine and get myself out of bed slowly but feel so bad...After an hour or so Im absolutely fine although I do stil feel tired during the day but it could be because its Christmas and doing so much..

Im just wondering do any of you guys feel like this on waking up first thing in the morning.

Im thinking I may need to go and get thyroid levels checked after the hols. if not, just trying to sleep more hours maybe?

Thanks for any info.

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Im 26 and felt like this for years turns out im still undermedicated and am currently upping medicine. Maybe your still undermedicated. Its worth going back to doctors asking for tsh t4 and t3 to see . How long have you been on 50?


Hi there, Ive been on 50 for around 5 months..I used to be on 75 but after last blood test doctor said he wanted to lower it...I think im going to have to go back to the doctor and have another blood test done I feel like ive got a hangover every morning, I feel absolutely awful...Thanks so much for reply really appreciate it.


It might be worth your reading the comments on this TUK poll:

I take mine at bed-time. Does not seem to work for everyone! But well worth reading and considering.



And get some tests done!


Thankyou! I will look into it.


Remember not to take your levo until after your blood test.

Jo xx


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