Flu and thyroid

Hi. Despite my flu jab ... I now have a bad dose of flu!! I took beechams flu tablets for 2 days, and felt very dizzy, queasy and terrible stomach cramps. First time I've ever used beechams flu meds usually have the beechams powders. Anyhow, my question is.... Any recommendations how to shift it .... It's bad enough having little energy with thyroid probs but just feel ghastly at mo . I need to be firing on all cylinders for Xmas and work ??

Is it true some cold meds can affect your thyroid???

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  • The patient information for Beechams Flu Plus Caplets says:

    Do not take Beechams Flu Plus Caplets if:

    • you are allergic to paracetamol, phenylephrine

    hydrochloride, caffeine or any of the ingredients

    listed above. Colour E110 can cause allergic-type

    reactions including asthma. Allergy is more

    common in those people allergic to aspirin.

    Potassium sorbate can cause skin rashes.

    • you suffer from severe kidney or liver problems,

    overactive thyroid, or are under the care of your

    doctor for high blood pressure or heart disease.

    • you are taking drugs for heart problems (including

    beta-blockers) or you are taking (or have taken

    within the last two weeks) drugs called

    monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) prescribed

    by your doctor or hospital for depression.

    Not at all sure what to make of that!


  • i have a flue jab most years and last year also had the flu - my dr said in her best bedside manner "well just think how bad it would have been if you haden;t had the jab"!!

    i find that now i am hypo colds hit harder and last longer and the only cure i have found so far is to stop and take time off..........not that i usually do so it just lasts longer - no help sorry :(

  • Total rubbish! The flu vaccination either stops you from getting the flu (the strains it prevents against) or it doesn't! It doesn't alleviate symptoms of bad colds and flu-like illnesses. Actually, there isn't much data to suggest that it does anything at all except make some people ill.

    Elderberry/sambucol mixture is good and studies have recently shown that something in elderberries actually discourages the flu virus from binding to its receptors. Disgusting, but effective: cayenne and ginger tea. Weird but sometimes helpful: Vick on your feet at night covered by loose socks.

  • i know it's rubbish, you know it's rubbish........but as we know there are many things dr do not know.

    but what dose vick on feet do except stop the dog sleeping on the end of the bed?

  • Seriously, I don't know. But after I started putting it on my feet instead of my chest, I slept better and my throat and sinuses cleared. No logic to it. The cat stayed at the end of the bed.

  • mmmm?..........i will tell dog that cats can deal with it.......::)

  • I usually take the lemsip capsules! But I wont have flu jab as my mom was allergic to it so I won't risk it! But when I get a cold (it is only usually once a year) but it knocks me flat! Only been like that since being hypo!

  • The trouble with having the flu jab is that while your slow metabolism and immune system is learning how to deal with the dead virus you are open to just about everything else!! I never have the flu jab now and I don't get flu!!

  • Thanks all for your kind comments and advice. Think next year I will not have the jab!!!!

    But for now I will continue with patacetemol and rest ??

  • I had the jab this year and have already had two bad colds and coughs!

  • I personally would not have the jab... When I have flu or cold I take 1gr Vit C every 2 hours or so, and also drink lots of ginger, honey, lemon, mixture. I use fresh ginger and boil it with water for about 20 mins or so. I also take echinacea drops.

  • Thanks. The ginger drink sounds yummy..... Sending my partner out as we speak ??

  • great! It helps me get through flue/cold or a cough much quicker..

  • just look up what they put in vaccinations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eeeeeeek..... No more vaccine for me then . Do you know anything about adrenal Fatigue. Been reading about it on here. I'm convinced I have it aswell . Trying to find out how to rectify it

  • yes i am sure i had an addison crisis or adrenal crash but it was not recognised by any medical person! even when i was in hosp on a drip for 3 days and couldnt speak, sit talk eat- low bp 97 systolic an dvomiting! believe it not i was refereed to a phychiatrist. anyway i first had loads of genova tets adrenal saliva- pproving sub optimal function. taking thyroxine first and you willl feeli ill.- next b5 especially for adrenals, licorace drops noyt deglycericed, but only if you have low blood pressure cos licoridge can raise it- rhodiala gingemng i think helps too, up salt intake , natural salt. and rest, katy marchant knows a lot about adrenals, sh eis the only one who come sto mind at present.

  • Thanks for the info .

  • should have read gingseng, not sur eon that one.

  • Hi I also am hypo and had the flu jab this year (in Oct) but then came down with flu which lasted 3 weeks (this hadn't happened the previous 2 years that I had the jab). A friend who had the jab at the end of November was told by the nurse that there had been a problem with the earlier jab combo and 'the powers that be' had got it wrong re: virus covered and the later vaccinations had been altered.

  • Thanks. Maybe it's a good idea not to have it ?? scary what goes on and they don't tell you !

  • I had the jab again this year..The GP said do you want the flu jab as she stood there over me with the needle already to go!! I have had a nasty coldly thing ever since..Wont be having it next year thats for sure..I too drink Thai ginger tea and add lemon juice to it..Its great for just about everything . My thai sister in law swears by it :)

  • Thai ginger tea..... Where do you get that from ???

  • well i just grate ginger root and squish a lemon add honey and hot water - but after angle of the norths advice i will also add elderberry.......when i can find some as the birds long ago ate mine

  • I am tempted to say Thailand but I will resist hahaa..Most Asian/Ethnic food store sell them but if I cant get them I just make my own like ritz..with hot water and leave to steep for about 5 mins x

  • Thanks girls ..., not sure I can afford Thailand but a nice thought. Looks like sainsburys instead ??

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