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Lab results: HELP, please

Hi everybody,

Please advise !

I wish to know if I should be on NDT.

I had excruciating pains in my back/ shoulders, 2 months ago, ending in emergency room. Found out I had a thyroid nodule 2.5 cm with yet inconclusive cancer Harthle cells, on the right thyroid gland. Because of this wonderful site with such of high knolegeble people's advises, (fighting with I do not remember how many endo dr to have prescriptions for thyroid lab !...) I found out slowly that I have low thyroid hormons !!!

I was so cold, start to lose the hair, headaches, no sleep, tired, alwayes tired, very low temperatures and low blood pressure.

The endo dr after only the test of

TSM = 1.91 (0.40 - 4.50) in August, prescribed Levothyroxine 0.025 he said that I have hypothyroidism. I tooked the Levothyroxine for 19 days, it was hell. I stopped !!!

I start a very clean nutrition diet, as gluten free, no lactates, no sugar, no alcohol, no broccoli, no caffe, etc. Being careful also for the liver. I had liver failer last Nov, taking Ursodiol 500mg ×2/day. I believe the thyroid gland was effected by liver problem, as a domino effect.

I start to take Cal-Mag citrate with D3 and K2, Magnesium, Zink, B12, probiotics, Cod liver, Milk thisilyn. Every day a banana for Potassium. I got fresh pork liver from the butcher, and I eat every day, as a little cooked. I eat also sea weeds.

And, my pains are gone ! And I sleep all night !!!

My recent results are all OK, exept:

TSH. 2.85. (0.40-4.50)

T4. 6.2. (4.5-12.0)

FT4. 0.9. (0.8-1.8)

T3. 68. (76-181)

FT3. 2.2. (2.3-4.2)

Alkaline Phossphatase 181. (35-105)

Hematocrit. 45. (33.2-43.4)

Folate. Over 24. (3.4-5.4)

Still have a little inflamation on the venous jugulare. I hope after the another biopsy on the nodule, I will not be obligate to have 1/2 thyroid, removed.

Does anybody tried to incrise the thyroid hormones eating pork liver ? If yes, pls, do you eat without to be cook ? What dayly portions ?

Please, may I have your advise, regarding my results and what else I should be advise ?

Thank you very much

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Eating liver does not increase thyroid hormones. And you are very hypo. Your FT3 is under range and your FT4 is very low. You really should be on some form of thyroid hormone replacement.

Taking calcium and seaweed is not a good idea unless you have tested deficient for them. They could be doing you more harm than good. Did you have your vit D tested before starting to supplement?

NDT might be the solution for you, but it doesn't suit everyone. You would have to try it to see how you get on with it. But you do need something. And sooner, rather than later, l would say.

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Hi greygoose,

Thank you for your answer; I was hopeing you will answer, really appreciate. I was reading your opinions for longtime, you are always on the point.

Dr did not consider to do any of electrolytes, any of tests for thyroid: "we don't do that" !

So, I did not have lab results, as I know, I should. I was desperate in such of pain and I thought I may be depleted of minerals, and I start to take it.

I also have every day: org apple vinegar, org coconat oil. I do not take see weeds anymore. However, after I eat porc liver, my temp is higher, and I feel ...normal again.

Can you please look over, and please, give me your opinion:

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 1, less ref range 9

D, 25 hydroxy 36. (30-100)

Calcium. 9.6. (8.6-10.4)

Cortisol. 11.0. (4.0-22.0)

Smouth muscle AB titer 1:40 ! in ref range less 1:20

Smooth screen AB screen: positive !

ANA screen, IFA: positive !

ANA pattern: homogenous

ANA titer: 1:40 H; !!!

in less 1:40. negative,

1:40-1:80. low antibody level, over 1:80. elevated level

LKM-1 antibody IGG: less = 20 in ref range less = 20

I live in US, and I do not know where to turn anymore for NDT.

Any sugestions please.

Thank you


Can't say very much about your labs, not that knowledgeable, but your ANA is positive, so there is some autoimmunity somewhere. But your TPOab are negative. It would be a good idea to get your Tg antibodies tested, too.

It's not the electrolytes you need testing, it's vitamins and minerals - nutrients. Pigs liver is full of nutrients, so could be why it makes you feel good. But, it is not having any effect on your thyroid hormones.

Can you not see a different doctor - I don't know how these things work in the US - and suggest to him that you have central hypothyroidism, where the problem lies with the pituitary or the hypothalamus, rather than the thyroid gland? Because your TSH is not high enough to stimulate the gland to make enough hormone. And, if they only look at the TSH, they are not going to see the problem.

Your calcium is ok, so you don't need to supplement it. :)


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