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Help with Lab results

Recent addition of T3 to Levo several months ago Gradually increasing from 5 mcg to 25 mcg. For the past approximate 8 weeks I have been taking 25 mcg T3 and 100 Mcg levo daily. (Previously was taking 125 mcg levo only, prior to the addition of T3 ) Total thyroidectomy years ago.

These are my lab results done 2 days ago ( Labs: Fasting, levo taken 24 hrs before and T3 taken about 12 hrs before labs)

Posting current and previous labs with the same range. (Previous results are for labs done about 6 - 8 weeks after initially adding the T3 )

CURRENT -Aug ( PREVIOUS -approx 2 mths ago)

FT3 = 4.9 (high) Range 2.3 - 4.2 .......................Previous result = 2.9

FT4 = 1.1 Range 0.8-1.8 ................... Previous result = 1.4

TSH = 0.01 (low) Range 0.40- 4.50 ................. Previous result = 0.01

T4 7.4 Range 5.1- 11.9

I would appreciate your input on these results.

Thank you.

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If those were my results (speaking from experience of adding T3 to Levo and taking almost 2 years of tweaking to find my ideal doses), I would reduce the T3 by 5mcg (or 6.25mcg if you are using 25mcg tablets). Whichever dose tablets you are using, i.e. 20mcg or 25mcg, I would reduce by 1/4 of a tablet and retest in 8 weeks, see where your FT3 lies then and how you feel.

TSH and FT4 are typical results from someone taking a combination of Levo and T3. I found I need both FT4 and FT3 about 75%, others are fine with FT4 being lower in range, you will have to find that sweet spot yourself by tweaking doses if necessary.

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Thank you. I currently have 25mcg T3 tabs so I will reduce by a quarter tab . It may not always be exactly 6.25 mg less because even with a pill cutter its difficult to get exact quarters.


How do you feel on that dose, with those results? If it were me, I wouldn't change anything.

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I feel okay most of the time , sometimes maybe a little hyper. sometimes no energy. So I will reduce the 25mcg tab T3 by a 1/4 of a tab. Before starting T3 I used to literally hear my heart beating loudly, but that feeling is now gone which is a plus.. Thank you.


You're welcome. :)


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