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Hi, I have results from Blue Horizon. I would be grateful for your interpretations of results. Particularly any relevance to osteoporosis

CRP. 0.80. <5.0. Mg/l

Ferritin. 31.8. 20-150 . Ug/l

TSH. H. 6.53. 0.27-4.20. Iu/l

T4 total. 87.2. 64.5-142.0. nmol/l

Free T4 14.52 12-22 pmol/l

Free T3 3.85 3.1-6.8 Pmol/l

Reverse T3 18.0 10-24 ng/dl

R T3Ratio . L13.93. Normal. >15. Ratio

Borderline 12-15

Low. <12

Anti thyroidperoxidase abs H188.4. <34. klU/l

Anti thyroglobulin Abs H949.1. <115 kU/l

Vit D(25 OH). >175 . Deficient <25. nmol/l

Vit b12. 378. Deficient. <140. nmol/l

Serum folate. 31.15. 10.4- 42.4. nmol/l

I take betain Hcl with pepsin

I Follow a gluten and soya free diet.

I am following Dr Myhill protocol for osteoporosis all except the paleo diet, I am working up to changing my diet.

Both my mum and grand mother had dowergers humps. At 58 I had osteopenia now at 60 osteoporosis.

I am not taking anything for thyroid as I believe levothyroxine may deplete my bones of calcium. Would I be better taking NDT?

Such a lot of information but I would be grateful for any feed

back. Thank you so much.

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It looks like your B 12 is too low ,should be around 1000. You have Hashimotos and need levo on the basis of the antibodies but many GPs will not treat until your TSH is over 10.

I do not know if levo depletes calcium in the bones but doubt it.Others more knowledgable will comment.


Thank you treepie I know I have Hashi and want to take Levi or similar soon. It is only my own reading that has informed me that perhaps some thyroid replacement is better than others regarding osteoporosis. Thank you for the heads up with the vit B 12. I will look into that.


Apparently in Japan B12 below 500 is too low. Make sure you get methylcobalamin which is the best absorbed form.

Grey Goose gives good advice,


Thanks for tip.


Did your doctor tell you that levo depletes your bones of calcium? Sounds like the sort of 'Bogey Man' tales they tell patients to avoid prescribing.

Your bones are more likely to suffer from you being hypo than from taking levo. Being hypo means that you have low stomach acid, and therefore cannot properly digest your food and absorb the nutrients. I see your iron is very low, although your vit d is rather high. Vit B12 is a bit low, too. You could also be low in things like magnesium, zinc, vit A, and other nutrients that are essential for bones.

Your antibodies are high and your TSH is high, and your FT3 - the most important hormone - is much too low. You should be on some form of thyroid hormone replacement. Levo is T4. NDT is T4 and T3. Apart from the T3, the only difference is that levo is synthetic, and NDT is made from pigs thyroid - but still highly processed to make it into pills. NDT does not suit everyone any more that levo does. You have to experiment to find out what works for you. But you'd be well advised to start taking something pretty soon.


Thank you Greygoose for your valuable advice with regarding vitamins and minerals. I will follow this up. Perhaps I read somewhere that you can get tested to see if you are lacking these minerals etc? I did read that NDT contained calcitonin which sounds good for bones. I am motivated to investigate and pass information on to my daughters as my mother and mum's mum suffered severe osteoporosis. I'm finding it difficult to understand the T3 andreverse T3 systems. I am actually feeling well at the moment but I know I need to start taking the thyroid replacement hormones soon.


You need to take some kind of thyroid hormone whether it is ndt or levo. Your heart function is also important and your thyroid affects that too. I don't believe there is a difference between the two meds as regards your bones, or not that I have heard of.

Your doctor may have a problem w giving you adequate thyroid replacement considering they believe a suppressed tsh carries some risks of bone depletion (I do not believe a low tsh carries the same risks according to studies). But insufficient t3 has also been linked to osteoporosis, as it is apparently t3 which regulates bone building and without it you can get bone resorption rather than bone building: saveourbones.com/can-a-slow... (Just to be clear I can't vouch for that site, I just found that having a quick google, but as it was relevant I included it here.)


Many thanks puncturedbicycle, I will lookup this site. I have recently become aware that T3 has been linked to osteoporosis so it was good that you mentioned this. Thank you for the reminder about heart function and thyroid. I will be going back to the doctors for a script soon I promise. I do keep fit, jogging, dancing and walking, I always have, I am keen to keep both my heart and bones healthy.


Does that result really say that your vitamin D is >175?

If so.......Are you supplementing vitamin D?


Hi slowdragon. Yes I am supplementing with vit D3. At the moment it is included in the mineral mix from Dr Myhill. I ordered her supplements for osteoporosis. I believe this will probably reduce naturally over the winter months or should I reduce it even more?


B12 also involved in bone formation ....


Thanks Marz, I'll need to do some more reading and top up on the B12.

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