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Ndt help please?

Just a quick question as I'm not sure how to proceed...

So I've been on 2 grains of thiroyd for around 6 weeks now and ndt since the beginning of June and feel 80-90% most of the time... However the last few days I've been feeling really tired when I wake up again (fine after a couple hours) and sleeping past my natural wake up time, also body a little tingly. When I take my dose (1 am & pm, I am really busy at the moment and keep forgetting to split my evening grain) my heart feels really racy, especially the morning dose (which has been 1 grain for nearly 2 months now) But when I check heart rate (when my heart is pounding) it's always around 67-72 still? Body temp holding steady at around 35.8 (both up from initial 55-60 BPM resting and 34.5ish temp)Not feeling especially tired after gym (still pretty gentle) or work. Perhaps, physically, body is bouncing back slower, a little more muscle pain than normal... But I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks so am not used to my routine.

I tried introducing extra 1/4 grain but it makes it worse, I feel quite hyper, even if it's only extra 1/4 every 2-3 days.

Should I bite the bullet and go for the blood test now, hold for a couple more weeks at 2 to make sure it's settled before tests or... ???

Currently taking multi vit, solgar 7 (joint health cocktail of tumeric, vit c, collagen and stuff) b12 and 1 natural adrenal, tyrosine 1 hour after am dose.

Ashwaganda root, 5htp, glycosamin, probiotic and enzyme blend pm, 1h after pm dose (the probiotic and enzyme blend makes me need the loo after about 8 hours hence evening dose instead of am).

Any suggestions?? Is my body just chemically jetlagged or something more need to be done?

Thanks :) :)

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Usually, when starting on NDT you raise the dose slightly every two weeks until you have relief of clinical symptoms. If you feel hyper you drop back to the previous dose.

If I take any supplements I take them at lunchtime, with food. I avoid any interference with thyroid hormones (should there be any) and I take mine once daily. I do know others split their doses.


Hi Shaws,

Thanks for your reply. I think I figured it out while I was messaging you with the racy heart in the morning... I sleep really late so if I take 1 grain at 1am and 1 grain at 8am then is it because there's not enough time between the 2 doses? Previously I'd take 1/2 at 8 and 1/2 at 1am...

Should I now stay on 2 grains (which was perfectly at 80-90% symptom free) for a few more weeks before blood test for best results?


Sorry for late response but I've not had internet access as I'm away from home.

I have always taken one dose of whatever variation of thyroid hormones I'm on. This is a link which might be helpfu particularly the question dated January 30, 2002l:-

If you were about 80/90% improved I'd be apt to try 1/4 tablet and drop back if any untoward effects. I hope you find NDT works for you. :)


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