Dosing of t3 or ndt

When your on t3 or NDT is it better to dose throughout the day or take all together in am or pm.

when I was post menopausal I found I could dose all in one go. Now I am menopausal I find my heart rate is to high and but also too low . For e.g. it will be over 90 but when I sit down it is around 52. Then I bloat and look far is this my adrenal making me fat. When I wake up I am not so fat. When I take my meds i am.

I've only just started taking ndt after being on levo . This is thyroid s. I started on one grain and now on 1 and a half. Will be increasing in next couple of weeks. How long will it take for old levo to be out of system.

Also can someone tell me abouttemperatures I do have brain fog. My temp on forehead only reaches 36.4 and can go down to 35. My war temps are around 36.4. But my arm pit temps are left pit in am 35.7 and right pit is 35.9. Then in late morning they go up to 36.0 in left pit and 36.4 in right pit. My mouth temp is 36.7. But vaginal reading (sorry ugh) is 37.2.

Does anybody know what the tempsindicate and what they should be I know we are all different and menopause makes things different.

why am I fat after in late morning to early morning the difference is two clothes sizes it's upsetting.

and can sometell me how to make kefir.



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  • Kjc1tisdell,

    I believe it is physiologically sound to split T3 or NDT into 2 or 3 doses to spread the peaks and troughs.

    The graph below shows how T3 peaks after ingestion and drops until the next dose.

    Levothyroxine will be completely out of your system within 8 weeks.

    Temperature and


  • Thankyou it makes sense I just wondered how the t4 then works as isn't t4 an accumulative hormone. Doing the split dose thing I'm nervous about as I've read don't take a dose after 5pm and then some People take a little before bed. Already have trouble going to sleep. However I seem to get hypo symptons back around about 8on . Problems with feet and muscles and really awful tunnitus .

    any suggestions would be helpful I am not yet fully medicated however.


  • Kjc1tisdell,

    T4 and T3 build up in the system. T4 is a storage hormone which converts to T3.

    Some people sleep better when they take some T3 at bed time. If you find it disrupts your sleep then take the second dose earlier around 4-5pm. I take my 2nd T3 dose at bedtime.

  • Yes ok but why do you do this. Are you on more t4 than t3. And what made you decide that this worked for you.

    Do you still have a thyroid sorry to be nosy.



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