My NDT (Thyroid - S) has arrived! Only took 9 days from Thailand, which is pretty quick!? What time do you take your thyroid medication?

My quandary is - when should it be taken? I've decided to start on 1/2 a grain - divided into two doses, am and pm. Am I correct in saying the first dose should be before breakfast, a couple of hours before eating? I'm just trying to work out when I'm going to have breakfast and my morning coffee every day ;) Or could it be taken a couple of hours AFTER breakfast? I am probably going to take the second dose around 2.30 pm (having had lunch at 12).

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  • Ah, just read in my STTM book that NDT doesn't have to be taken on an empty stomach like synthetic meds do, so that certainly makes things easier. :)

  • Sip,

    I'd double check that. NDT contains T4 which binds to proteins unless taken on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before food and drink and two hours after.

  • It says in the STTM book (page 60) 'swallowing desiccated thyroid with food slows down the release of the thyroid hormones to your body, distributing the direct t3 more evenly throughout the day. Unlike thyroxine, you do not have to swallow desiccated thyroid on an empty stomach.'

    I'm wondering if chewing it would be a better option - as this would surely avoid this problem overall? Or at least cut down on the time between food and dosing?

    I'm thinking also, I'll take my iron at night to avoid any complications there, and take my other vitamins and supplements at lunch time.

    Edited to say, maybe I'll just wait half an hour after chewing it - sounds like an idea!

  • It might indeed say that on the STTM site. Doesn't mean it is true!

    Bear in mind that desiccated thyroid does indeed contain T4.

    I really don't know of anything that backs up the view stated in any formal sense. I am well aware that some people take their desiccated thyroid with food and do fine on it - indeed, might even do better by doing so. But to the best of my knowledge there has been inadequate accessible research into the whole process of taking desiccated thyroid to verify these ideas. Even if that is exactly what people who take it feel is happening.


  • I seems from asking people on a Facebook group who take NDT, it varies from person to person. I think I'm just going to wait an hour after taking it, just to be sure :) I didn't get a patient leaflet with the Thyroid - S - don't know if one exists or not?

  • I doubt one exists. One of the things I have against the Thai products is the lack of proper information - doesn't even seem to be an ingredient list available. However good the product, this big gap is very poor. Am surprised they don't see this as a marketing issue - surely better information might increase their sales?


  • Perhaps I should ask them if they have one.

  • Not a bad idea.

  • Out of interest - what are the implications of taking NDT with food? I know Clutter said the T4 binds to proteins - but what exactly does that mean? Does it not absorb properly, or get carried to the appropriate cells? Just curious :)

  • There are many interactions of foods with thyroid hormones.

    You have not only the possibility of some substances binding to the thyroid hormones (proteins, iron, calcium, etc.), but the whole stomach/gut environment will be different with a meal - stomach more acid; gut more alkaline. Less opportunity for liquid (e.g. water) to dissolve the tablets. But more opportunity for digestive enzyme to attack the substances which make up the tablets (e.g. thyroglobulin).

    What the net effect will be, I really don't know. Maybe it slows absorption? Maybe it reduces total absorption? But with the complexity of these things I think the only good answers will be found with careful research.

    That is not to dismiss personal experiences - they are valuable.


  • I think just take in morning....first thing...Please do tell us how you get on with this....I was thinking of trying Thyroid S. Goodluck babe.

  • Thanks Anuba. Well, I won't know for a while but I'd certainly recommend the company after such a swift, easy transaction and delivery :)

  • I take first dose the minute i open my eyes (before breakfast) and 2nd dose either before or after lunch around 1 or 1.30pm

  • Good Luck, hope you start to feel better soon. x

  • Thank you - I hope so! :) x

  • Hi Sip...did you take any levo or other thyroid meds before starting the thyroid.s? or have you decided to self medicate? x

  • No I haven't taken anything prior to this - I didn't want to take synthetic meds to be honest. I'm self medicating as I have no other choice. The endo I saw told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is total poop in my opinion based on my symptoms and lab ranges! How about you?

  • I saw an endo last Tuesday and because I have other autoimmune conditions as well...he decided to test me for others despite the diagnosis of hashis and symptoms that are so obviously hypo/hyper swap and change. I have not had anyb treatment and was diagnosed with hashis over a year ago and yes I am also considering self medicating..just waiting for the tests he did for autoimmune conditions to come back clear, then I will also start my Thyroid s x

  • How come he isn't treating you? What a pain! x

  • When i first started I split mine, taking half when I got up for a wee, about 5-6am and the rest about 2pm. But I started taking it once in the early morning after about 8 weeks and I still feel fine.

  • I'm pretty much doing the same thing - 6 am and 2 pm :)

  • He seems to have the wait and see mind set of most endos who know nothing much about thyroid issues and are based in a diabetes centre. He did do a load of tests though including full thyroid.....I believe the fact I take prednisolone steroids.. which mimic many of our bodies natural functions for example, the adrenals switch off during long term steroid use......have an affect on our readings giving a false not definite about this but it seems that way with me. I stopped the steroids around a year ago.....and had a result that said t3 toxicosis... I went hyperthyroid......unfortunately, my AIH flared up and I had to go back on steroids, so there was no positive out come regarding the thyroid. As soon as I went back on steroids, my thyroid hormones went back in the dreaded normal's swings and roundabouts really. I am just so fed up feeling unwell so I may, like you, have to take control of matters myself....let me know how you feel after a few doses of the NDT xx

  • I think sometimes, some of us just have no choice. Either that or remain ill - and why? To keep the doctors or endos happy? No thanks! ;)

  • Hi I was just reading your post as my synthroid has just arrived,how did you get on splitting the tablets and taking two doses,did it work for you.My tsh is 2.85 and myFT4 is 7 range 7-17


  • I've also taken delivery of the Thyroid-S from Thailand.

    Is the 60mg tablet 1/2 a grain?

  • Are you sure you have done enough research to start taking the product?

    One grain has been "metricated" as 60 or 65 milligrams. This varies from company to company, product to product. Therefore a 60 milligram tablet would be ONE grain.

    This is a nine month old thread - possibly not the best way to ensure a response! :-)

  • where do I order from Thailand

  • I ordered mine from xxxx after reading all the reviews ( which I know are not always reliable )

    Went for the "Thiroyd" which seems to have less fillers than the other one.

    online source deleted in line with posting guideline 23

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