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Correct timings for vitamins

So i've got my b12 sublingual, bvitamins, vit d and vit k. I know you shouldn't take d and k together so maybe lunch and dinner for those. Is it ok to take b12 with the other b vitamins in the morning? And how long after levo?

Also i'm taking biocare Th207 which contains amongst other things kelp is this ok?

Oh also i take selenium in the morning.

Think thats it.

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Hi Cleo2467

This had me stumped for a while too, I've now got a system & a pill box for am/pm ( my kids laugh at me, I'm only 50 & have to organise my pills of which I take more than their granny 😬).

From what I've learned vits & minerals should not be taken together & all should be taken 4 hours after your levo. I take my levo first thing in the morning & then B12 & vitb's at lunch & my vitD & K at dinner then my selenium & mag at night.

You've not said when you take your levo, but as long as you separate this & space others throughout the day you should be fine. VitD & K should be taken with the fattiest meal.

Sorry not sure about your biocare, but I'm sure others will have some advice.



You can't take D and K together?

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But you can buy D3 and K2 Mk7 in combination form? There isn't a problem with taking them together.

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Is the biocare Th207 ok? Well... I would say not. Are you deficient in iodine? Do you realise that when taking thyroid hormone replacement, you are effectively taking iodine? You risk over-dosing on iodine that way, and excess idoine is not a good thing.

Besides, look at all the other stuff it contains. Calcium. Do you really need calcium? Have you been tested? There isn't any vit K2 in there, which you really should take when taking calcium supplements.

I really don't think these hotch-potches of vitamins and minerals are worth the money you pay for them, anyway. Not enough of anything to treat a true deficiency, things lumped together that shouldn't be taken together. These multi-vit type things are really just for healthy people that don't need them. That's my opinion, anyway.


This is the trouble it's so confusing and frustrating and i feel particularly unwell at the moment having had only 2 hours sleep last night!

I'm trying to find out what exactly i should be taking and when for optimal health but my poor brain can't seem to cope!


OK, well, if I were you, I would start by ditching the biocare Th207.

Then, start taking the B12. I imagine that is sublingual? So, you can take that any time. After a couple of weeks, add in the B complex. You can take that two hours after your levo, so lunch would be fine.

Later, when you settled on those, add in the vit D3. That needs to be taken with the fattiest meal of the day. You could take it with lunch if lunch is four hours after your levo. Or, take it with dinner, if you tend to eat more fat then. And, a couple of weeks later, start the vit K2. There's no reason why you shouldn't take it with the vit D. They work together. So, that will take you to... what? Two months time. See how you feel then. You might need to try other things, then, as well as what you're already taking. But, one step at a time. It's best not to rush these things. :)

Oh, and you 'should' be taking what you need, not what other people are taking. OK? :)


Thanks great advice

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