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Advice for timings for supplements?


Hi, chapesses and chaps, can anyone advise me as to where on the site or on TUK (or advise me here) I can find information on when to take supplements? The ones giving me the most (metaphorical) headache are Vit D, magnesium and calcium. I can't find or remember how long before or after taking the NDT any of them should be spaced, or how long the spacing between each other or if some of them should be taken together. Also, if there are contraindications in timing with others, like B12, Co-Q10 and so on. Is there a thread or link anywhere?

Thanks - hopefully! :)

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Hi Schenks,

Supplements should be taken two hours away from NDT but iron and calcium need 4 hours away. I'm not aware of any problems in taking all vits together, that's the way I take mine, immediately after food.

Thanks Clutter - I know that vit D should be taken with calcium and magnesium, and i know that some others should not be taken with each other ... minefield!

Vit D doesn't need to be taken with calcium unless you have low/def calcium. If you're taking magnesium it's a good idea to take zinc too as they are co-dependent.


This is a link too which says whether to take with food or not.

The following extract is from the link below.

take them at least 4 hours apart from your thyroid medication

Oh,shaws - that's brilliant, thank you.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Schenks

Hi Schenks, thanks and this is just to say that if you reply to a comment, press the yellow Reply to this first otherwise the person isn't alerted and you may need another comment from them.

This is what usually happens but at present I am getting no emails from HU and they are looking into it.

you'd never know I was educated, would you?!!! :/

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