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Vitamin K advice please.

After testing Vit D and B12 deficient earlier this year, I have had loading dose of vit D as well as B12.

I have added selenium and B complex, but no mention was made of vit K.

I have done some reading about vit K and wondered if anyone can advise me if I can take this as I am also on Clopidogrel after having a TIA last year.

I am just a little worried I may undo the value of each by taking both.

Any advice please.



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I would definitely speak to your doctor first as vitamin k has quite an affect on the blood. As you probably read it reverses the affect of warfarin which is anti coagulatent . Clopidogrel is a antinplatelet but i imagine it would have a similar effect


Be very clear what you mean by vitamin K.

Afraid I am lost off on the sub-variations, but vitamin K1 and K2 are significantly different to each other. Most existing written material fails to recognise this and assumes K1. Yes, both affect clotting, but not in the same way.


It is K2, there are no contraindications. but unsure if they will cancel each other out. Also if vit D alone will also affect the arteries.

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First apologies for hijacking Dewberry's post.

Am a little confused regarding the use of VitK2-MK7 which I have read many times on the forum is recommended when supplementing with VITD.

I take VitD3 5000 units (take this for 6 weeks every day then will reduce to only twice/three times a week, on GP's recommendation) then VitK2-MK7 100 mcg with VitD.

I am not taking any anticoagulants. So is it safe or not to take VitK2? I understand it helps direct calcium to teeth and bones away from soft tissues.

Will be having a major surgery in November so would it be a sensible idea to stop taking VitK2, although still taking VitD3? Will ask at my pre-operation assessment in any case.

Would appreciate your opinion or indeed anyone else's who understands the countraindications of vitamin use.

Thank you.


I hope someone else answers - I don't feel competent to do so!

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I do understand helvella... perhaps someone knows more about this as am not sure myself what to do ....

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I posted this a while ago after doing a bit of research, it's worth checking the links included, as always not a clear answer


And a personal anecdote, when I am doing fingerprick blood tests, if I leave off my D3/K2-MK7 combo supplement for a few days, my blood flows easier.


Thankyou, it does make it a bit clearer. What combo supplement do you use? Juggling so many pills can be a pain and combining a few would be really useful.

Many thanks


Because my maintenance dose is 2000iu this one is ideal for me


Be aware of the Vit A, it is a cofactor of D3 but you might want to consider the amount. I am happy with it because I have a lung disease and Vit A is recommended.


It seems to be. Onsidered a grey area. I started taking K2 from Healthspan when I heard about its need with D3. After the dental hygienist wassungibg the praises of my improved mouth I decided to get it as a regular as if a postal member get it a little cheaper so rang up to give my card details.

They asked if I was on Warfarin so said yes but not anymore but they waned the full story so PE so on Warfarin but after extensive tests it was proved it was because of my new hip so it was discontinued. But I felt I was before the grand jury!


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