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Blood Test letter to docs

Thank you again to everyone who has been helping me to understand my blood results, given advice on vitamins, links to some great reading and steps going forward.

I know that booking an appointment with a doc to discuss the tests I'd like is probably going to met with the same amount of knowledge that has been given to me so far (zero) and get me nowhere, plus it's a lot to talk about in a 10min slot, so I have put together a letter with my requests that I intend dropping in tomorrow in the hope that someone will read it through thoroughly, understand that I am trying to fix / help myself and hopefully agree with my requests. I can but try. ☺

If anyone has any suggestions on improving my letter, something I may have missed or if you think it's ok, then I would be grateful for any comments. Thank you again, this forum has given me so much hope.

'Dear Sir......

I am due another blood test in a few weeks time for Hypothyroidism (TSH & Free T4 levels) & Cholesterol levels and am writing to request a few additional tests.

I have been doing a lot of research and getting a lot of help from the Patient.Info website as well as the NHS, Thyroid UK Health Unlocked website & its community, in order to understand my condition and to help reverse some, if not all of the symptoms I am experiencing as well as reducing the associated Cardiovascular disease, low thyroxine causes fats (lipids), cholesterol to rise.

I would be grateful if, as well as my TSH, Free T4 levels & Cholesterol tests, if I could also have the following tests -

FERRITIN (Re-test)

Vit D, B12 & Folate to see if possible deficiencies are adding to my symptoms

ESR (Re-test)

'TPO ag' & 'Tg ab' to see if I have an autoimmune disease that is causing my hypothyroidism. My last 2 ESR levels were high and I have been advised to find out if there is a family history of any autoimmune disease. Unfortunately as I am estranged from my family I am unable to find out this information but I do know that my mother, paternal grandmother and at least 1 aunt were all hypothyroid sufferers so maybe there is an inherited autoimmune disease that has caused my condition.

I would also be grateful for a HbA1c test, as I continue to experience the Hypoglycemic symptoms that I initially came in with in February 2016 and have experienced for 10yrs+. I have learnt to manage episodes with a glass of milk and biscuit but still concerned that it happens in the first place

These tests will help me considerably if I need to re-look at my diet, nutrition & lifestyle going forward.

I am happy to come in to discuss before my next blood test if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time. '

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I have also added the Thyroid UK list of symptoms checklist to my letter and a page from the Patient. Info website about Hypo'


Sorry but would suggest a more concise letter with, perhaps, bullet points. For example I'd be inclined to leave out specific websites and just leave it as 'research'. Leave out mention of your estranged family, doctors are good at throwing things back in your face in my experience. I'd also leave out any mention of diet etc. Why do you want to thank them for their time?

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I agree, use bullet points and keep it brief. I also would miss out the websites etc

Who was it who added you to find out about your family history?

I would just say you have found out you have a family history of hypothyroidism, I wouldn't mention that you are estranged from your family.

Don't think I would say I would be grateful for anything or thank them for their time either.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your comments too. One of the replies in my last post wondered if there was a family history of autoimmune disease and to get tests done if there was.

It was also suggested that I remark on where I have done my research, hence the website mentions, which I hoped would prove I knew, to a certain extent, what I was talkng about. ☺


The others have stated in brief points things that I agree with but I will mention in more depth why.

As the others have said make your letter more of a list of bullet points and more concise. Long letters that aren't clearly focused can be misinterpreted. In the case of professionals this can be deliberate if it gets them out of doing things. Secondly if you are managing your hypoglycaemic symptoms you don't need treatment so don't put this in or mention it at all. GPs don't get paid much to do preventative medicine.

Also write using full words rather than abbreviations so use "and" rather than "&" as it looks more polished.

You don't need to tell the doctor you are estranged from your family unless specifically asked as this could be used against you at a later date to dismiss your health concerns.

Thyroid UK is a recognised UK charity and is recommended on the NHS Choices website for those with thyroid disorders. Simply state that you have read the site and been in contact with some of the members.

Finally while your letter may be brief, due to asking for random tests the GP is likely to ask you to have a short appointment with them. At the appointment have copies of your literature to give the GP plus be prepared to explain in more detail why you want the tests. If the GP says they can't do a test establish whether it's due to following NHS, NICE or the CCG/healthboard guidelines.


I agree with all of your comments and am in the process of rewriting with all of your advice and tips.

Thank you ☺

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Thank you cinnamon-girl, letter rewritten ☺


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