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Blue Horizon Blood Tests

I've got a couple of questions that I hope someone will be able to give me some advice on.

Doctor will only test TSH and T4, I have asked for T3 (going by what I have been reading I should have them all done to get the whole picture), but have been told that they only do that at the Thyroid clinic.

Results have been (sorry I don't have any ranges):-

October 15 - T4 10 and TSH 13.5. Started 50mg of Levothyroxine.

January 16 - T4 16, TSH 4.4 and TPO 388. FSH 40 something.

May 16 - T4 13, TSH 1.17, FSH 72 and also had a Vitamin D deficiency (no figures). Given a month of Vitamin D 800iu.

June 16 - T4 11, TSH 10 and FSH 54. Levothyroxine increased to 100mg. Doctor also wanted to start me on HRT but I wanted to wait until after the next blood test in 6 weeks as I wouldn't know if any changes were because of the increase or the HRT. I still think it is related to my thyroid as periods started again for a couple of months when I initially started Levo but then stopped again, 4 days after the increase had something but only time will tell. No other symptoms of menopause.

I have ringing in my ears, I think I noticed this about March, not sure if that is when it started or I just started noticing it.

I have also just started taking my temperature first thing in the morning, it has been 36.1-36.3.

Ok, so finally my questions are:-

Which Thyroid Test is best to get done, Thyroid Check Plus 10, Plus 11 or Plus 12 (or any others?)

I presume there is no point getting it done quite yet when I have just increased my Levothyroxine? Will be back at the doctor to get TSH, T4 and FSH tested in 6 weeks.

Should I get the blood tests done before I start HRT if she does still want me to do that after the next lot of blood tests?

And last of all, when I go for the blood test should I stop taking any vitamin supplements for a week before (Vitamin D - 5000iu, B12 -1000mcg, Tesco version of Berroca, thinking or also starting Selenium)?

Sorry for the long ramble but I think I have got everything in.

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Jay23 The Thyroid Plus Twelve also includes reverse T3 test so unless you have a particular reason for needing that I wouldn't bother, it has to be a proper blood draw as it can't be a fingerprick test and it takes a few weeks to come back. The Thyroid Plus 11 includes Vit D so if you want to have that done as well it's a good one to go for. If you don't want Vit D then go for the Plus Ten. If you do it at the same time as the GP test it will be an interesting comparison and if you want to discuss your BH results with your GP you will be able to say 'but it was done at the same time' if he is keen to dismiss them for any reason.

As far as taking your vitamins at the time of the new test, I asked City Assays when I had a Vit D test repeated whether I should stop supplementing. I was told that if I want to know if I was taking the right dose of supplement to keep my level good then to continue taking it, but if I wanted a non-supplement base level then to stop about a month before the test. B12 result will always be skewed once you supplement so no point stopping that. I don't stop my supplements, if the levels come back too high I'll reduce the dose. You're not testing selenium so no problem there.

Can I just mention the Tesco type Berocca. If the ingredients are the same or similar to Berocca then don't waste your money on it. It contains calcium carbonate which is the cheapest and least bioavailable form (and do you need to supplement calcium?), folic acid which is synthetic whereas we should have folate which is natural, it doesn't say but I expect the B12 is cyanocobalamin which is much cheaper than the methylcobalamin which what we should have, contains artificial sweeteners including Aspartame, also soyabean oil which has been hydrogenated. Really not a good choice. Find out what vitamins and minerals you need, supplement individually and don't bother with multi's as they don't contain enough of anything.

I notice you say 'No range' and 'No figure'. You really should get a print out of your results with reference ranges from your surgery. All you have to do is ask, it's your legal right to have them under the Data Protection Act. There may be a small charge for printing but not all surgeries do that. Members can be of more help if you can give all details of your tests.

A month of Vit D 800iu wont help much if your level is low enough for your GP to prescribe. Obtain the figure and members can tell you what supplement and dose to go for and also advise about K2 which is needed when taking D3.

Do you agree with your GP about HRT, do you want to go on it? Of course it's a personal decision but have you looked at the alternatives such as bioidentical hormones?

Sorry, I've just read that back and I sound a bit school ma'am-ish, I don't mean to, just trying to help you get the best tests and supplements.


SeasideSusie, thanks for the advice, you certainly do not sound school ma'am-ish, your advice is all very clear and easy to understand and very much appreciated. Think I would probably go for the Plus Ten.

I wasn't too sure about the HRT but my Mum has recently been told that she has osteoporosis and a recent xray has shown a couple of wedge fractures in her spine so I thought I perhaps should as I am only 44. Still not convinced, that is why I wanted to wait and see if the increase in levothyroxine made a difference to the FSH levels.

I thought my temperature was a bit on the low side, what do you think?


Jay23 The Plus Ten is a good one at a very nice price, you could always ask your GP to retest Vit D, or even get it done by City Assays for £28 at a later date. When supplementing with Vit D it's important to keep an eye on the levels as any excess gets stored and can lead to toxicity.

I belong to another forum where HRT has been mentioned, links have been given as to why it's not a good idea and bioidentical hormones are better. I've never taken or needed HRT but I do use bioidentical progesterone cream to help balance sex hormones (mine are all on the floor) and it helps adrenals and thyroid function too, but I don't suffer any symptoms even though I've been through and am now well past menopause. If it was me, just my personal opinion, and forgive me if I'm being a bit forward here, it's your mum that has osteoporosis not you and if you're not suffering any menopausal symptoms then why consider HRT at this stage? (Jeez, I feel really cheeky saying that, but there are some horror stories out there and some people's lives have been ruined, so it really does need a lot of personal research.) If you're worried about osteoporosis because of your mum having it, maybe ask your GP to send you for a DEXA scan.

Doesn't look like I mentioned selenium (unless I'm having a senior moment and can't see it). Yes, it's a good idea to supplement with that. It helps with the conversion of T4 to T3 and also helps reduce antibody attacks. What's not to like :) ! I take 100mcg of a selenium supplement plus 100mcg in a multi. As you have Hashi's I would take 200mcg daily, certainly don't go over 400mcg. And don't consider iodine (as mentioned in the article below) unless you do a test and show a deficiency.

Brazil nuts are supposed to help but you need know whether they've been grown in selenium rich soil so a supplement is probably the best way to get selenium.

I'm not too good with temperatures really, I just know that anywhere between 36.5ºC and 37.2ºC is considered normal so yours are a tad low but how significant I can't say, sorry.

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