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Hi all, I clicked on the link i saw within a post to have a private blood test done... It said £99 so I emailed them a question asking where my nearest place was saying I came via the link for discount (I won't worry about that too much)... I sent that Thursday and haven't heard? Left phone number and email. I wanted the Thyroid 10... Does anyone know if they take that long? Cheers Jo

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  • Jo,

    Sorry I misunderstood your message earlier.  Thyroid Plus 10 is a test you do at home.  The kit includes a sharp which you prick your finger with and squeeze/drip the blood into the microtainer.  When you order use TUK 10 discount code for £10 off.[1]

  • is that the one for £89 ? No wonder they didn't reply probably thought I was crazy! Or a wimp.. I want a comprehensive one.. So why do they take so much at hospital (just curious) .. I didn't see any code or numbers, but that's ok... Thanks... Jo

  • Jo,

    Have a look at Thyroid Plus 10 and Thyroid Plus 12.  There should be somewhere to enter the coupon code TUK10 on the order form.

  • I will thanks 😊

  • Just a note about the Thyroid Plus 12. This test requires the full tube(s) of blood from the elbow, not just blood drops from a finger. So anyone choosing this option will have to find some way of getting a blood sample taken. This is a sticking point for many people.

  • I know the one I looked at 1st was £150 I think and had more included... So why are they selling tests we can't do... :(( I will still do the finger one, but would have had the other done if I knew a nurse... Shame... Thanks Jo

  • Some private tests include the phlebotomy as part of the price. Blue Horizon and Spire/Nuffield have got together to do private testing and Spire/Nuffield prices include the phlebotomy.

    Most NHS hospitals which have phlebotomy departments will take blood for private testing for a fee. Some will do it for free. My local hospital charges between £18 and £20.

    Some GP surgeries will do it either free or for a fee, but that doesn't seem to be so common.

  • Thanks... I will definitely sort this out as I'm looking at having a few tests 😊

  • I get my private ones done at the same time as my NHS ones - the phlebotomist says she doesn't mind. Worth asking the next time you go for any kind of bloods?

  • thanks 😊

  • Was it Blue Horizon? Most of their tests you can do yourself at home, using a pricked finger to fill a tiny vial (they call it a "microtainer") with blood.

    The code is TUK10, which will save you a tenner on most of their tests. If it wasn't Blue Horizon, who was it? It's fine to name them here. :)

  • No it was B H... I'm a bit of a nightmare and have probably got the wrong end of it all... I start the process again... Doesn't the blood dry in the post? Thanks for your help... Jo :))

  • No, the container is just a mini version of what the hospitals use so the blood is fine. I've done the Thyroid Plus 10 a few times now. It's a bit daunting the first time but actually really easy and you get the results a couple of days later :-)

  • Thanks going to do this asap as I'm very behind with all this and everyone seems to have all test results... I just sat and was just told to take 20mcg of t3 plus 100 levo.. Reluctantly taking t4 levo as it's done nothing to date... I can't wait for results so that you can all look..Thanks Jo

  • it is surprising how many tests they can do out of the little vial of blood you fill when doing it at home :)  

    I am surprised they haven't answered you though, they were quick to reply when I had a problem.

    if you go to their website they have a link to locations  where you can get bloods taken on the home page.... if you want to do the thyroid 12 say... Click on that and see where there is near you.

    good luck

    Linda :)

  • Thanks that's my job today sort test


  • Your local hospital, or GP should be able to offer a private blood draw service. I paid £20 a few weeks ago for my local hospital to do a draw so I could send it to BH. 

    The BH kit includes everything they need apart from a tourniquet. I even arranged to drop the tube off at BH's offices in Guildford personally rather than use the prepaid postal system. BH offer a phlebotomy service if you live anywhere near Guildford.

  • Thanks for the info... I wouldn't feel right going to the gp but I will sort it at hospital or travel.. Hoping yours went ok

  • I had blood draw at local Medical Centre (NHS)   My GP was fine about this, said it was the least he could do.   No harm in asking.

  • I think I will be going to Nuffield as I want hormones too.. Will hopefully call in morning or reply to email with appt... Hope your test answered your questions..😊 Thanks

  • Very pleased I went with Blue Horizon.  It helped with getting my thyroid stable.  Test was very easy, equipment good, not even a mark left or drop of blood spilt.  It has been a long journey for me and it is not over yet.  Having a good Endo helps.  A possibility I may need a blood test which the NHS in my area will not authorise.  So may need to use the Nuffield as the blood draw has to be done in hospital. If you can, please let me know how much you were charged. 

  • I will call this morning and organise what they think best for the thyroid plus and hormone test... It sounds like .£20 is standard. Why not give bh or your hospital a call

    .. Good luck 😊

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