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Blood test interpretation - and the power of Brazil nuts

Following my recent post (https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk/posts/133551728/blood-test-help-please) where I was worried that my T3 had dropped, I had new blood results today. The last test, at the beginning of May, was

TSH 0.114 (0.40-4.00)

T3 4.270 (3.1-6.8)

T4 21.440 (12.0-22.0)

and I was beginning to be symptomatic again (complete story in previous post). My doctor had no clue, called the endo who said I should drop my dose from 125mcg to 100mcg and be tested in 3 months; the last time I was on 100mcg it only took 6 weeks for me to end up in hospital, so er, thanks but no thanks. Instead, I did some reading on here and did 4 things: I started eating 4 Brazil nuts a day for selenium, cut soya milk out, made sure I took my vits regularly (zinc, magnesium, D3 and a B complex) and made sure there was always at least an hour between taking my levo and my morning cup of tea, which I'd got a bit lax about.

Today my results (blood taken on 6 June, so a month after the previous ones) were much better, and I feel better:

TSH 0.051 (0.40-4.00)

T3 4.84 (3.1-6.8)

T4 23.04 (12.0-22.0)

I would like my T3 to be still higher (mid-range is 4.95) but this is much more in line with my results when I feel really well.

What do you think? Any comments appreciated!

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Your blood test results suggest you might not be converting t4 to t3 very effectively. The selenium in brazil nuts helps with this. Have you considered adding a tiny bit of t3? It worked for me

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I have thought about it, indeed, but I'm not sure if my results are bad enough for that, and also I have no idea whether my doctor would agree to it, especially after the endo giving such advice. It's good to know it worked for you - how much are you on?


Please, if you are anywhere near Gloucester, could I have the name and contact details of your GP and endocrinologist? Think this has to be in a private message.

I ask because my T3 is low but my GP will absolutely not consider treating or referring me.


I'm sorry, thyr01d, I live in Slovenia and have done since long before my diagnosis. I know I'm lucky that I always get all three results tested and usually my doctors listen to me (apart from the endo) - I've heard, also from a member of my family, that things are not nearly so good in the UK! Good luck with finding a new doctor. I can recommend a marvellous nutritionist in Stroud, as it happens - she has been helping me for about 20 years. Pm me if you want her details.


Ah RustyMary you are in Slovenia, well thank-you anyway for such a nice, warm and encouraging email.

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Hi there thyr01d. I live in Worcestershire and have been treated with t3 by an endo at the Worcestershire hospital. Had to pretty much demand a referral from my doctor, but was lucky to be seen by a forsighted endo, when it comes to t3. Not so much help when it comes to vitamins and minerals, but I have been recently told that I should ask to be referred to a nutritionist for this....will do this on my next appointment, as I am feeling fairly well right now 😀 Would you like me to pm you details of the Worcs guy?


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