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results of blood test 6months ago seem fine - so why has GP lowered my dose of medication?

I have had Hashimoto's for about 30 years, and up ti8ll now, been fine on 125mgms. Last tested August, 2012, results were -

TSH - 0.50 (0.3-5.5)

Free T3 - 5.4 (3.1-6.8)

Free T4- 20.6 (12.0-22.0)

From my results, it would seem that I was OK on that dose, so why have I been put down to 100mcg ( and am now getting the old, familiar symptoms - , "moon face", swollen fingers, weight gain, wooly thinking, etc.) and how to I persuade my GP to put me back up tp o previous dose, without antagonising her? Thanks, Hilary

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Have you actually asked her why. Make a phone call to the surgery and ask to speak to her, tell her your list of symptoms that have returned since she reduced your meds and ask her why she felt in necessary to lower your dose when you were doing fine. You dont have to be rude or pushy, you are just asking for a simple explination. When she has given you that explination you can then suggest that due to a major return of symptoms you believe that your meds should be increased back up to the original dose and see what she says. You never know, after telling her of your return in symptoms she may suggest a return to your old dosage without having to ask.

Many GP's seem to be doing this at the moment and personally I think it is a cost cutting excercise. The less meds we are on the less they have got to pay out, you are the second on here in two days that has had her meds reduced even though they were doing fine for years on a previous dose.

Hope this helps and while you have it on your mind do it straight away, after all you are only asking a question.

Moggie x


p.s. Meant to say that you can also point out to her that your latest test was in range so you cant see why she thought a decrease in meds was necessary. She may have looked at your FT4 and thought it was too high, even though that is also in range, hence the decease.

Moggie x


The GMC says this:

Good Medical Practice: Providing good clinical care

2. Good clinical care must include:

a. adequately assessing the patient's conditions, taking account of the history (including the symptoms, and psychological and social factors), the patient's views, and where necessary examining the patient

b. providing or arranging advice, investigations or treatment where necessary

c. referring a patient to another practitioner, when this is in the patient's best interests

I don't know how to do so without the possibility of antagonism, but at this point it looks as if she might have transgressed 2.a. "the patient's views" requirement, so clearly you have the possibility of raising this.



Thank you, everyone, for your help, I'll speak to her asap!


No doctor can dictate your meds levels, they must DISCUSS and AGREE with you before raising or lowering meds. I would suggest you write to your doctor and ask why you were not part of the discussion to reduce your meds and that you want the dosage reinstated before any further discussion.

My endo regularly tries to reduce my meds but I wont agree. Its all about how you feel,not blood test results.


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