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Urgent help on recent test results

I have the doc phoning in a while to discuss/fob me off on my latest results, could do with some opinions.

My previous results in December were TSH 2.58 (0.3-5.5), T4 15.6 (12.0-22.0). The only T3 I have was 2010 which was 4.1 (3.1-6.8).

My doc says there is nothing wrong (I have increasing terrible symptoms and family history). I have been on a test dose of 25 Thyoxine.

These are my results today, plus a few dodgy ones from my blood count.

TSH 2.48 (0.3-5.5)

Free T4 14.8 (12.0-22.0)

Free T3 3.7 (3.1-6.8)

Thyroid peroxidase <5 (<34.0)

feritin 174 (15-150) above range

vit B12 312 (191-663)

folate 5 (3.8-16)

total white blood cell 4.9 (4.5-11)

neutrophil 2.99 (2.5-7.5)

lymphocyte 1.38 (1.5-3.5) below range

eosinophil count 0.10 (0.04-0.4)

basophil 0.01 (0.01-0.1)

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Ferritin above range shows inflammation possibly.

B12 too low, though in range..... Probably need some supplements ... You can buy these OTC

Tsh. would be treated in most countries except uk. Originally this was because the uk had good supplies of iodine in the soil, but announcement two years ago by the society for endocrinology said we have no iodine now. ( Although our tsh range has not been reduced.)

A normal tsh is 1 and on meds it would be under 1.

Folate is low too... You can supplement ths OTC.

Tell him you want enough meds to get tsh under 1 and see if you feel better then, though you def have to work on the b12 and folate.

And you would like to know what is casing the ferritin to be over range. How does he propose to find the possible inflammation?


Hi Rosee thanks for you rely, Ferritin been high for a while although haven't got figures, Doc said it was because I was taking kelp, although haven't had any for over a year. My other inflammatory marker has been out of range the last 3 times CK, my last 4 results were 234, 286, 220 and today's is 107 (range 24-170) so back in range.

I can almost bet my bottom its something to do with my kidneys, I pass hardly any urine and I am bloated into a massive uncomfortable balloon. My doc thinks a patronising role of the eyes will cure this :(


Your doctor is an ass!

But never mind the TSH (which is obviously too high), what about those frees??? Much too low. How can one possibly feel well with such a low FT3? Ask him why he does the frees if he doesn't take any notice of them! Most people need them up the top of the range to feel well - or even slightly over. Your FT3 is practically non-existant.

Hugs, Grey


greygoose you made me cry and I don't do crying :'(


Ohhhh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I'd rather make you smile. Or laugh. Hope you'll be laughing again soon.

More hugs, Grey


My GP is trialling a patronising chuckle. By the look of things it will soon replace vitamin supplements, antibiotics and many other routine treatments.


Nice :P


Well doc just phoned...... as suspected, I am pleased to announce I am completely normal!!


I'm pretty much in the same boat.... being told I'm 'normal'... For those that have gone down this path, is there any mileage in asking the GP what they propose to do to address the symptoms then? I have also already been told from more than one of the docs that 'we may never know what caused this'... but then they just leave it there?! Like not knowing what caused it means that my symptoms don't exist any more?

Sorry, just thinking out loud and trying to see if there is a tactic that *might* help in these kinds of situations to at least make some progress.


Hi sparrow, just read through the BMA booklet I wasted £4.95 on, and apparently we are all 40 something, fat, getting old, stressed out mental patients. I actually now think this is where my doctor gets her thyroid expertise from!


please dont forget that WE can all formally request that our gp refers us to a specialist in the relevant field for further investigation /treatment ......the only problem being how good the specialist is !!.....the next stage --if needed--is to insist on a second opinion from another specialist [ even from another trust ] under the choose and book system [ you can insist on a specilist of your choice ] ....hope that this helps


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