First blood test since diagnosis (4 weeks ago)

I had a blood test last Friday (early morning, before taking levothyroxine), which was 4 weeks after the blood test that led to my diagnosis.

The new results are TSH >100 (0.4-4.0), free T3 3.29 (3.1-6.8) and T4 9.12 (12.0-22.0).

My first results were TSH >100 (0.4-4.0), free T3 0.872 (3.1-6.8) and free T4 1.59 (12.0-22.0).

[I also had results from my first visit to the endocrinologist 4 weeks ago, 3 days after the first ones but a different lab - TSH 240 (0.55-4.78), Free T4 2.1 (11.5-22.7) and Free T3 1.5 (3.5-6.5)]

I know they are still awful but I am so pleased that they are in the right direction, T3 even just creeping into the normal range! I've only had 2 weeks at 25mcg and 2 weeks at 50mcg, and I already feel tons better than I did a few weeks ago. It's up and down, 2 steps forward and 1 back, and I know I'm far from OK with many symptoms only just beginning to show improvement, but I have much greater hope that I will get there! Tomorrow I go up to 75mcg, and then will have another blood test and will probably go up to 100.

In further good news, my cholesterol has dropped from 8.4 to 6.0 (4.0-5.7 - same lab).

I hope this will encourage other people newly diagnosed who are scared and worried, as I was 4 weeks ago.

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  • These were scary numbers, your doctor has taken it as quick as it could be. Thanks for posting, it's fascinating how someone is able to survive with such little hormone!

    It will take a long time to fully recover. You may have the correct amount of hormone soon but all the physical changes that have occurred as a consequence of low hormone will take time to reverse. It does seem that these dramatic cases do better in the long term than more marginal deficiences that presumably are associated with hormone problems other than simply too little thyroxine.

  • Thanks for the reply, jimh111, I remember you replied to one of my very early posts and I found it reassuring.

    I have been terrified of long-term damage because of my extreme results, but on the other hand, my symptoms actually seem to be less severe than others on here whose blood tests are not nearly as bad as mine, weird though it seems.

    I'm aware it's going to be a long haul but I'm hugely uplifted to be going in the right direction in my blood tests (T3 is the really informative one I believe?) and also that many of my symptoms have really improved in only 4 weeks at such low doses. I really do feel miles better. My case also seems to be relatively straightforward in that my blood tests were so obvious, with no other complications I don't think.

    I'll keep posting my progress and hope it will reassure others. It's been a really scary time for me (and still is) and I've found some posts on here really soothing, though others have completely freaked me out! I know that only time will tell how much damage there has really been, and in the meantime, the only thing I can do is keep taking the tablets...

  • Really fT4 is the important one, especially in your case, along with TSH. The body will regulate fT3 levels according to need using fT4 as a sort of reservoir. There can be a problem for other patients if this system isn't working properly.

  • Thank you for explaining - I see what you mean now :-)

  • At least you are lucky enough to have a doctor that seems to know how to go about things, thats half the battle, i wish you continued success and a return to positive health

  • Thank you, whispers! I count myself fortunate to live in Slovenia (though I am British), where they test all three hormones and make early referrals to the endocrinologist - I was sent there the very next day after getting my results! When I told my GP this today, though, he said 20 years ago it wasn't nearly so good here. I am lucky indeed.

  • Its great reading that you are improving I am very recently diagnosed and have not started treatment yet so this gives me a lot of hope!!

    I wish you luck in your treatment and hope things continue to improve for you!! :D

  • I hope the same counts for you, al04! Newly diagnosed is a very scary place to be - remember that most people who simply get better with treatment don't feel the need to post on forums, so the horror stories you read on the internet are not typical of the whole population of people with thyroid problems. Loads of good advice and reassurance on here though :)

  • That is really good, Mary. I should think the improvement in the next four weeks will be exponentially greater due to the increase and you'll feel even better. Lovely of you to post encouragement to others who have only been recently diagnosed too. :)

  • Thanks Clutter :)

  • Yes thanks for posting. Most people posting on a forum do so because things aren't going well. I've never seen anyone so far shouting from the rooftops that everything worked first time and continues to do so! I wish! We are here because we are searching for answers and things aren't helpful so its reassuring to hear that things aren't brilliant yet but progress is being made, long may it continue! So pleased for you and also that you are giving people hope and encouragement. Thank you

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