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Help with latest bloods please

T3 has been recommended, so am awaiting a prescription from the GP and a back-up plan of Unipharma T 3. On paper, the thyroid tests look perfect. Pity I feel like doo-doos. Any ideas why the ferritin is so high?

TSH .36 (.3 - 5.5)Se

T3 4 (0.00 - 7) (No, this is not a typo, I can have no T3 and be within normal range.See previous post.

T4 20.9 (11.5 - 22.7)

Serum iron: 26 (11 - 30)

Saturation iron binding capac 59 (45 - 72)

Percentage iron saturation 44 (%)

Serum magnesium .95 (.7 - 1)

Serum ferritin 233 (14 - 186)

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Ferritin may be high due to inflammation or infection at the time of testing. Your level is elevated but not unduly so, ask GP to repeat the ferritin test in 4-6 months.


Had bad hay fever recently, like half the population. That's an inflammatory response, isn't it? Will get it re-done in due course. Thanks, Clutter.

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Hi Scazzoh

Are you saying your FT3 result is zero or 4? As it looks like the reference range you have given is zero and your result is 4?


My FT3 result is 4. The range is '0.00 - 7.00pmol/L'. You are right. The reference range is clearly wrong and plainly ridiculous. I have spoken to a doctor in the hospital labs who reassured me that 'the doctor will not be bound by those reference ranges'. Really?


Hi there

I dont get how the reference range can be zero. I thought reference ranges are based on a sample of people who do not have thyroid illness therefore if the reference range is zero surely this cant be right?

See below:

Typical reference ranges for normal thyroids

Typical reference ranges for normal thyroids


TSH 0.4-4.0

FT4 9.0-25.0

FT3 3.5-7.8

Thyroid Function Tests - British Thyroid Foundation


i appreciate there can be a slight variance in some labs but i have never seen an FT3 reference range starting at 0? Can anyone else shed any light on this or could it be the lab have given the wrong reference range?


I think it is a typing error from the lab, which no one can be bothered to correct.


I reckon it must be. Your FT3 result is much the same as mine...scraping the bottom!


Yes and I am on a higher dose of levo now than when I had the last lot of tests, when the T3 was 4.2. No wonder I feel like doo-doos. Roll on the arrival of T3!


Im having trouble raising my FT3 and im taking T3! My FT3 was better when on levo but i felt worse just taking the levo! i was hoping the T3 would be the answer and i know it is for a lot of people but i am addressing other nutrient/vitamin problems which may be hindering me! Hopefully once sorted the T3 will raise or it may just be that because the levo i was taking wasnt converted too well that because i reduced it from what should have been 225mcg to 150mcg that i wasnt taking enough T3 to compensate..not sure but i have in the last week or so upped my T3 to 30mcg still on 150mcg as well and i am starting to see the wood through the trees, i wouldnt say i am better but less symptomatic. Please dont think im trying to paint a poor picture of T3, as it is definitely helping but i just havent got it right...yet! It is also suspected that i have ovarian cysts which i am awaiting an ultrasound scan for which i reckon have been caused by estrogen dominance as i have low progesterone! One day i hope to return to what i call normal ish!! Hope you get your prescription soon and can get some benefit from the T3.


Thanks. From what I can gather it is a case of trial and error, changing up or down very slowly and monitoring temperature to stop hyper feelings. We are all different and it will take time. Good luck with your T3 too.

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