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Diet and supplement help please

Brief summary: CFS, hypothyroidism and total bed-based with no real brain power 2008 until a few months ago when my brain started to clear a bit. Diet was a huge issue with leaky gut and SIBO diagnosed with Dr Myhill, I was on the FODMAP diet but was stuck on the very restrictive exclusion section that I was not able to get off of without many symptoms. Supplementing with vit C, vegEPA for omega oils, vit D, and some of Dr Myhills regime that I could source, afford and tolerate.

Then this year with my brain waking up a bit I started my year of healing - decided to be grand and let these issues know that I had waited long enough - and that things were going to change. I had tried the low carb diet of Dr Myhill (55g carb a day) but now weighed my food and went for it with gusto, I made kefir and fermented veg ( all with carer help) and used the supplements that Dr Myhill now has in her shop (decided that I would try the ££ approach for a period). And it started to work: I have lost about 70% of the inflammation in my body, gone from podgy swollen 14/16 to 10/12, I am less painful, I have a brain that can now read and remember better than before (although no where near pre-illness level), I am sleeping better and can remain more alert during the day.

But - there had to be one - I have read Amy Myers and Isobella Wentz and have left out nightshades, tomatoes, soy, nuts and seeds, eggs (no difficulty as can't tolerate them) from my diet. It is a small section that I draw from but I seem to be getting better. The occasional treat of a small banana and using sweet potato seems to be enough. I have added magnesium to sort out my bowels and sleep, the dose varying with each day, B12, l-glutathione, HCL (diagnosed oesophageal reflux).

My latest bloods had the GP tell me that I was borderline and needed retesting in 4 months but they only tested TSH and FT4, although I was finally able to starve and get there at 9.15am - a first! I have of course lost the paper on which I recorded the results but will add them for comment and help when I locate them. Who would have thought that such a small room could hide so many things that go missing regularly! I was hoping that these results would be a truer reflection of my current condition than in other years.

So with diary-free, wheat and gluten-free, no potatoes, peppers, chilies, paprika, nuts, seeds, eggs and only using kefir coconut milk have I restricted/omitted enough to finally get somewhere? Couldn't cope without my chocolate coconut oil cubes but it hasn't been too bad. And are there supplements that I should consider? I am hopeful that my gut is healing and that the SIBO and leaky gut are considerably better but on this subject Dr Myhill describes a war not a battle, although other authors are more optimistic. And I note that some contributors allude to the difficultly of eating fermented foods - I have not come across this issue in the literature I have found.

Currently my sleep patterns and night sweats (between 4 and 8 am) bother me most together with feeling particularly reptilian re my body temp. I have actually started to have to go outside to rest in the heat to get anywhere near warm (fully clothed with eye mask and hat. But as soon as the house comes up to comfortable temp. I am ridiculously hot. I have a sleeping tablet occasionally together with melatonin and magnesium at night so take my levo 100mg at 5 - 6 am.

Sorry to have to detail such a lot for your comment but these last 9 years or so have really been testing.I realise that I may only make small strides before I hit another bump in the road but I want to move forward rather than feel in chrysalis mode in my darkened silent room. Thank you in advance for your consideration of my issues. I have found the forum very helpful. Thanks.

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It is wonderful you are feeling better.

For many thyroid hormone replacement appears to require optimal iron & nutrient levels of Vit B12, Vit D folate and ferritin. Additionally I supplement Vit C and adrenals glandulars to aid adrenal health which often suffers with low thyroid hormones.

I agree diet is huge and since going gluten free have recovered from previous gut and malabsorption issues. It is also important to take your Lveothyroxine pill on an empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food, 2 hours before supplements and 4 hours before calcium, iron or vit D supplements.

If you wish to test T3, members use private labs when their doctor is uncooperative - link below- post all results (when you have found them ) complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.


This following link explains the importance of vitamins and where they may be obtained.


Private labs testing

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Thank you Radd for taking the time to reply. I am using Dr Myhills skin soluble magic minerals following an intensive course of high doses of certain items on your list as recommended for me following blood work such as zinc and selinium. I think the question as I get better with the skin spray is when I feel well enough to trust my gut to adsorb them and stop using the spray. Will check out the links. What do you mean by adrenals glandulars? Thanks


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