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Help Thyroid Levels Wacked

I've had 2 thyroud surgeries partial rt thyroidectomy 6-23-14 then 11-9-15 lt completely removed dx with papillary cancer. My labs came back this time TSH 4.884 (0.3-5.5)high.. T4 free 1.22 (0.89-1.75) ...Total T3 1.02 (0.60-1.81).. PTH 89.3 (14-72) HIGH calcium 6.7 (8.3-10.6) Iron saturation 16 (20-60) LOW ..Iron 42 (55-170) LOW... Iron binding 269 normal vit D 32.1 (30-100)  Thyroglobulin 1.6 should be zero with total thyroidectomy. 

Synthyroid 112mcq is medication on

Explained to endo doc feel very fatigued..swollen legs..heart Dec 3 months ago my labs were all normal...feel like something is wrong but can't get answers

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I'm sorry you are in a predicament at present.

It's all very well the surgeons whipping out thyroid glands (of course at times they have too) but the aftercare needs to be overhauled all over the world by the looks of it.

Your symptoms do sound hypothyroid and I sense that you are not on sufficient thyroid hormones. Synthroid is our UK equivalent of levothyroxine and my personal viewpoint is that if you have no thyroid gland at all, the very least they could do is add some T3 to your dose of T4 (levo). However, they are against T3 for some reason but considering our body cannot function at all without T3 and T4 might not convert to sufficient T3, we do need a direct dose of T3.

Your iron is very low and we cannot convert T4 (levo) without sufficient iron. Others will respond re your other results but they haven't done a Free T3 blood test, that would determine how much T3 is circulating in your bloodstream and I'll give you a link and cursor down till your come to the explanation for FT3.

We all have to read and learn in order to recover our health as the 'modern' method doesn't suit many of us and we are left high and dry to get on with things as best we can. With the proper thyroid hormones, a proper optimum dose, we should have no symptoms at all. Occasionally we might need a slight adjustment but not due to the TSH result. Our symptoms should always be considered. 

Your Vitamin D is also low and should be towards the upper part of the range. They haven't taken your Vitamin B12 (both D and B12 are hormones in their effect and are very necessary to be optimum and can cause problems individually if too low).

This is also a link from an archived site but think it will be helpful re FT3:

Don't worry too much you will get well but it isn't a quick-fix as Endos sometimes think.

When your next blood test is due it must be the earliest possible and don't eat before it. You can drink water. Also leave approx 24 hours between your dose of synthroid and the test and take it afterwards. 

At present phone Endo and ask for an increase in synthroid as your TSH is too high for you to feel well and all of your symptoms are clinical symptoms. They have a cheek leaving you without appearing to offer a solution.


They raised my synthyroid from 100 to 112 2 weeks ago but still feeling like crap..maybe need to give a but more time


My personal belief and I do have a thyroid gland but am hypo would be to add liothyronine to your dose of levothyroxine. I am prejudiced as I take liothyronine alone after being through most of the hormones/doses available. 



You are undermedicated.  TSH needs to be 1.0 or lower with FT4 in the upper range for most people to feel well.  ThyCa patients in the UK usually have TSH targetted <0.1 to reduce the risks of recurrence caused by TSH stimulating remnant thyroid cells left in the thyroid bed or stray cells in the body loosened during thyroidectomy.  Undetectable thyroglobulin is desirable if you had radio active iodine ablatement (RAI) post thyroidectomy.  There may be detectable thyroglobulin if you didn't have RAI but 1.6 is low. I was advised that there is very little likelihood of recurrence when thyroglobulin remains <6.0.

High PTH with low calcium and low vitD indicates secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Iron is below range which indicates you are iron anaemic.

The fatigue and palpitations you are experiencing are almost certainly due to low thyroid levels, low iron, low vitaminD and low calcium which your endo should be addressing.

It is worth having B12 and folate tested as your other low vitamins and minerals indicate some malabsorption preventing you from absorbing nutrients.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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