Am I on the right track?

Hi - I only found out that I had a thyroid problem by chance - despite having all the symptoms - unexplained weight gain, no energy, acid reflux, brain fog, skin tags, ridged & splitting nails, constipation, etc. The worst part has been that I get terrible headaches for two or three days sometimes if I have overdone it or had too much rich food as well as nausea/vomitting. So I had to give up alcohol and sugar as I figured out they were making me sick.

How I found out "by chance" that I have subclinical hypothyroidism is that after visiting the doctor on many occasions for everything from stomach problems above to alarmingly recurring viral infections and a cough that lasted 6 months. Initially the doctor just said that it was a virus and it would eventually go away. When it didn't I was referred to an ENT doctor who said it was stomach acid GERD and gave me Omeprezole. When it still didn't get any better I was referred to a Gastroenterologist who did some investigations and renewed the Omeprezole prescription.

Somehow I instinctively I knew that I shouldn't keep up with the Omeprezole so I stopped and now I see that that was the right decision and in fact I should be increasing the acid in my stomach. In fact when the doc first prescribed it and said it cut down the acid in your stomach, I asked, "how do you digest food?". He just laughed.

I went to see another doctor who has a more holistic approach and he gave me an exclusion diet to clean out my small intestine. This involved eating only about 10 foods for 10 days: white fish, egg, melon, lots of other fruits which I now forget, olive oil, avocado, salt & pepper. That was it and I didn't lose an ounce!!! But I did feel slightly better. Still no mention of thyroid problems.

It was only when I recently had the idea that I wanted to have another baby - via IVF - that I was told by the Clinic that I needed to get my thyroid checked and that my TSH had to be between 1 & 2. So I got some blood tests done at the NHS surgery and duly phoned up for my results to be told, "everything's o.k. you just need to get your blood re-tested in three months". So I asked what my TSH level was. The secretary said 6.34. WHAT!!!

I know that's not so high compared with some other poor souls on this site but suddenly everything makes sense!!! I picked up my results and they said: TSH 6.34, T4 12.3 - possible subclinical hypothyroidism suggest re-test in 3 months!!!

So why didn't the secretary volunteer that information right away? I immediately made an appointment to see the doctor. She said my results weren't too high - despite all my symptoms and history of problems. It was only when I said that I wanted to try IVF that she agreed to refer my to an endocrinologist.

I wonder if some of the Members would be kind enough to tell me if I am on the right track?

The appointment with the endo is now for the end of April. In the meantime I saw a fertility specialist privately who gave me a prescription for 50 mcg of Levothyroxine which I have now been taking for two weeks. My plan is to get all the Blue Horizon or private tests done just ahead of my appointment to compare with my first results and then tell the doctor I have already started treatment. I am guessing that he will increase the dosage to 75 or 100 mcg....

I also had a test done a couple of years ago and I was told that I had h pylori. I don't think this has properly cleared up so I intend to get some mastic gum to clear that up and get my husband to take it as well as he had gastro problems for several years which cleared up when we both took the last 'cure' for h pylori.

I have started taking Vitamin D, Calcium, Selenium but now, thanks to this site, I am going to get tested for B12 and iron, ferritin. I will start taking supplements as soon as I know what my current levels are.

I have also started a gluten free diet. Baby plans on hold until I get well!!!!

Do you think I am on the right track? Grateful for any advice.

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  • Bluemax you seem to have covered everything very well. So well that I think you'll be able to tell the Endo what your requirements are :-)

    Re your stomach, we usually have low acid if hypo and because the symptoms of high/low are so similar we are prescribed antacids.

    Common ways to overcome low acid is adding some good quality Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice during mealtimes. Or taking Betaine or Betaine/pepsin tablets. My max is 3 per day but I only usually take if I'm eating protein.

    A link for info re pregnancy:

    I amended your post slightly and removed the Endos name. We don't usually put names without their permission but if you have his permission, I'll add it in again. Or you can edit your post by pressing the down arrow then edit. 

  • Thanks for the advice & help! I will try the apple cider vinegar!!

  • How I hate this phrase "subclinical hypothyroidism" ... To me it is "wait and see how you get cardiovascular disease" - - 

    AND if your TPOab is rising, "wait and see how your Hashimoto gets worse" as per PubMed 11327616 and PubMed 16006728

    The German language wikipedia estimates TSH 2.0 meaning hypo so probably that ladies being pregnant or becoming pregnant should be medicated

  • So well done, that you are alert to this, you are right to postpone pregnancy. I am v interested that your tsh was checked, are you in an area which is carrying out a pilot study? Your gp practice should tell you this. If you have the energy and fight, I would consider writing a letter to the practice manager citing your Tsh number and asking whether it is within guidelines and best clinical practice to suggest that a woman of child bearing age who is attempting to get pregnant should be advised to go into pregnancy with a tsh of that level, and could they please report back what their insurers think about that. If you search on this forum for pregnancy and hypothroidism you will find discussions and references on this.

  • Hi Aspmama,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if my surgery was doing a pilot study. The IVF clinic I am working with in Cyprus requested that I get certain tests done, including thyroid which I was able to do on the NHS. The clinic said I needed to have a TSH level between 1 and 2. I just asked my NHS surgery for a thyroid test. They weren't going to take any further action until I asked for a print out and found out that my THS levels were high. It was only when I told the doctor I was going to try IVF that she agreed to refer me to an endo. Otherwise they would have just left me to carry on being sick! I have to admit I am pretty shocked by all of this. Surely the doctor should have suspected I had a thyroid problem with my medical history and asked for my thyroid to be checked out? She did ask for a CBC because of the recurring infections and that was how I was able to tack on my request for the thyroid tests. It never occurred to me that that my problem was thyroiditis if it hadn't been for the IVF clinic requesting the test! It was only when I subsequently did some research on thyroiditis and found this forum that suddenly all my symptoms and the tiredness made sense! So thank you Thyroid UK!!!

  • Hi again - just wanted to clarify that I am in the UK but working with an IVF clinic in Cyprus.


  • You need to know if you have antibodies, but your blue horizon test will show that...  Hope you sort it and get pregnant naturally .. there must be a chance.

  • Thanks Aspmama

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