Dizzy on Thyroid Meds

Hi. I just started taking Erfa thyroid (2 grains) and take 25mg HC. I raised to 2 grains slowly. I was trying to do T3CM and was getting good response but found out I had H/pylori that was making my stomach irritated with thyroid meds at the 4.30 am dose. I'm trying to fix that and seems my medication for H/pylori is helping that but, I can't do this way anymore as I can't go back to sleep after I swallow my thyroid meds. No matter what I do, I just can't go back. I hate being a zombie so I'm back on the above protocol, but what causes your adrenals to make you feel so wonky(dizzy)?I didn't feel so dizzy on T3CM. My B12 is high in the blood. There is nothing in my cells. I don't know how to get B12 to cells. My iron is a bit low. Should I take a iron sup?

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  • Why do you think it's your adrenals making you dizzy? Could just be the hypo.

    Do you need an iron sup? Do you have low ferritin?


  • Hi Greg. My iron is 73 (30-500) is the range. I was told by Dr it's ok??? I feel ok off the thyroid meds but at 58 I have lots thyroid issues so I need to be on the meds. I stopped today as I just can't bear the weariness. Not sure what to do. Thanks

  • Hi ElainedeBeaux. I also had a blood test recently and my B12 result was high. If you don't mind my asking what do you mean by "There is nothing in my cells"? My ferritin was on the low side too.


  • HI Hooper. Thanks you for reply. B12 pools in the blood if it can't make it to the cells as in my case I think there is a low amount of mercury and some other heavy metals causing a blockage of the B12 to the cells as when I had a hair analysis there was no cobalt (B12) in my cells. My iron is 73 (30-500). Dr said not low, but I wonder.

  • What measures are made to rectify your b12 problem then Elaine? Hope you don"t mind my asking but I'm being given no reason by my doctor on my high b12. He just seemed baffled by it. Bit worried cus I don't know what's going on. Is the b12 pooling in the blood dangerous?

    Jen x

  • Hi Hooper. I am more than happy to answer your question. I have leaky gut so hence High blood B12. It pools in the blood. Also, I have a bit of heavy metal toxicity, mainly mercury. All these are blocks for B12 getting into the cells. I will address stomach problem with glutamine, marshmallow, slippery elm. Can't remember the rest.My B12 in the blood is 1012 (120-500) range here in Australia. Dr's will not acknowledge (not all) that saliva testing better to find out problems on a cellular level. Blood serum is what is in the blood.I wish you well with your journey on your meds. What a roller coaster. I have just gone thru and adrenal crash.grrrr!!!!!!! Can't sleep. I was such a good sleeper. I stop start my thyroid meds too much as can't handle the fatigue on them. I think if I can get this B12 right into the cells. I pray a different story. x

  • Don't know if it helps but I suffered with dizziness every time I increased my Armour and it seemed to be particularly bad at 2 grains but subsided with subsequent increases.

  • Hi debjs, Yes I have increased to 3 grains on Armour before and found the same 3 grains excellent but, (always a but) my heart would not stop racing.I had to pull back and went back to 2 and half grains no energy. I would be ok for about a week then I would crash, but unfortunately I could not stay at the 3 grains on armour. That's why I tried Erfa. Erfa good in the sense that I don't feel brain fogged, but my heart beat is quite weak on it. I've stopped at the moment as I just don't know what to do. I am 58 with high genetic disposition to heart attacks and strokes.???????????????????? Got to be answer somewhere.

  • I wonder if you can't handle more Erfa (T4+T3). Perhaps you only need a little more of one and not the other. A little T4 or a bit of T3.

  • Heloise might be right. Last time I saw Dr S he said sometimes he adds in some T4 rather than increasing Armour if people can't tolerate higher doses. Unfortunately I do not convert so this was not an option for me.

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