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what am i doing wrong

what am i doing wrong

Hi am new here, after years of telling the doctor that i was sure i had thyroid problems as i have all the symptoms, and am the only female member of my family who has not been given the diagnosis of having thyroid problems, my mum had to have hers removed, my daughter has been on thyroid treatment for 20 odd years, my grandmother, aunt and cousin all had thyroid problems, all except daughter have now sadly passed away, eventually managed to get the doctor to do an antibodies test even though my thyroid general tests come back within range of normal, the antibodies test came back as 14, normal range is 6 so she said. have been referred to hospital (possible long wait) as she said they were better equipped to deal with this matter as i am also a type 2 insulin dependant diabetic, am low in b12, vit D even tho i take supplements for that plus folic acid, i have the tiredness, weight problems, thyroid eyes, muscle aches, constipation, hair loss, am not good with dairy stuff so dont have any, only eat chicken and fish, love veg, not a sweet lover,

what am i doing wrong ?????

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Hi carolann54, welcome to the forum.

So, do you have copies of your thyroid labs? If not, ask for a print-out. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have one. Post the results on here, with the ranges, and let's have a look. Doctors aren't always very good at understanding blood test results. :)

Oh, and I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Why do you ask that?


Thank you for the reply, just think i am being hypochondria, dr's say loose weight, try, doesn't happen, always tired can fall asleep on a washing line at any time, all joints ache, my eye brows are virtually falling out, my hair loss is getting heavier,, seem to have constant infections in one part or another of my body, saw dr yesterday about an infection i have, mentioned the results and she said oh you will have to have a camera put down into your stomach...............had that done few months back as have acid reflux, developed double vision 3 months ago suddenly, now corrected with glasses thankfully but if i dont wear them i see two of everything, eye consultant said straight away as he was examining my eyes are you still on your thyroid medication as it my need upping.............. to which i replied the drs say my blood tests come back as normal and according to them i have no thyroid problems..................feel like i am a walking medical directory now, will ask for print out of the results, thanks ca54

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Well, you certainly have a lot of hypo symptoms. The trouble is, doctors don't know what hypo symptoms are! But, I certainly don't think you're a hypochondriac.

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Thank you :-)


I have this theory that if you feel you are a hypochondriac then you most probably have a thyroid problem. I felt like a total hypochondriac for years before I was eventually doagnosed with Graves Disease. In fact only two months before my melt down a doctor sat back in her chair with a look of complete disbelief and disinterest and said 'I think you're needing your holiday', she didn't add 'dear' but she might as well have done. I came out seething and said to my husband 'That woman thinks I'm a total nutter'.

Fast forward two months and I was really ill with Graves Disease, fortunately I found a different doctor who recognised what was wrong immediately, mind you it would have been difficult not to by then, I had nearly killed myself and a friend while driving one Tuesday night, I knew I was really ill and had to do something. Then it was doctor Wednesday morning, blood tests Thursday and I had started my treatment by Friday.

Maybe you should tell your doctor your eye consultant suggested you raise your thyroid medicines and what does he think? Or maybe you should have asked your eye man to act like he didn't know you weren't being treated and write to your doctor suggesting that he raises your thyroid medicines.

If it's any help I raised my B12 with Jarrows Methyl B12, I used the 5000mcg version, you stick a losenge under your tongue and let it dissolve and that really I mproved my level. I also used a Vitamin D spray every day although I no longer do that, I have a two egg omelette every day for breakfast and I think that could be what is keeping my Vitamin D levels up. I also eat lots of nuts and seeds to boost my vitamins and minerals.

Apart from that I'm like you and eat mainly fish, chicken and veg - I do like puddings though.

I became T2 while being treated for RA, I was told 'diet and exercise', I bought myself a blood sugar meter and a very good book onhow toreverse your T2 by diet and set abut eliminating everything that spiked my blood, turned out it was a lot of the 'healthy' stuff the nurse recommended!

So i did my own thing and discovered Low Carb, High Fat eating. I lost loads of weight by eliminating everything that raised my blood levels, I stepped up my exercise, I walk for at least half an hour every day but often much more, doing that all depends on how well you can walk.

I was taking Omeprazole too, I had boxes and boxes of the stuff and I was able to stop that completely. when I altered my diet - I pretty much. cut out chocolate (shock horror!) although I have the odd square of 85% chocolate, diet drinks ( more shock horror!) and the odd McDonalds - I used to walk miles as an excuse to have one. Oh and I went totally gluten free to reduce my thyroid antibodies, it was an experiment at first but it seemed to work so I've stuck with it.

Like GG says, you're probably not doing anything wrong. I have to say though that (in my medically unqualified opinion) I think your doctor probably is. Get hold of your test results with their lab ranges. Post them and see what people think. Good luck, don't give up.


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