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Help with results please :)

Hi everyone, I was after help digesting my blood test result. 

As a result of these tests, I am now taking 20,000iu of Vitamin D and 200mg of Levothyroxine each day. I havent been amazingly consistent with my tablets (I am 24 now, diagnosed when I was 11 with MEN2a, had my thyroid taken out and didnt really take my tablets until I was 18)  and am worried that there may be an issue with my adrenal glands/hyperparathyroidism and the doctors have asked me to get my caletonin checked. I have taken a vow to take them consistently.  I am also taking Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin B complex. 

Here are my results:

Vitamin D: 20.3 (low)

TSH -3.81 PTH -7.1 Free T3 -4.4 Free T4 -16 (it states this has been corrected by the move from 175mg on weekdays and 200mg on weekends to 200mg every day)

calcium -2.59

Any help would be very much appriciated 


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Also included in the letter from the hospital it states that my last calcetonin level was less than 1 with TSH 2.26 and free T4 16.4. It also says they are aiming for TSH <2.25

Thanks again



Most patients on Levothyroxine will feel well with TSH 1.0 or lower, FT4 in the upper quadrant and FT3 towards, or in, the top third of range.  Increasing to 200mcg should raise FT4 and FT3 and reduce TSH.  Ask for thyroid levels to be retested 6-8 weeks after you increased to 200mcg daily in case further adjustment is required and arrange an early morning fasting (water only) test when TSH is highest.  Take Levothyroxine after your blood draw.

My TSH is targetted <0.1 post thyCa but perhaps because you had a preventative thyroidectomy TSH doesn't need to be suppressed.

Hyperparathyroidism causes high PTH and normal to high calcium and low vitamin D.  You haven't included PTH or calcium ranges so I can't see whether they are within range or high.  20,000iu D3 will raise vitD levels but keep an eye on calcium levels too as it may displace calcium from the bones and raise serum calcium levels.

Low calcitonin indicates the treatment you had was successful.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.



Thank you for the reply. My calcium levels were -2.59 and vitamin D levels were 20.3. The vitamin D seems to be helping with energy levels (so is the new healthy eating :) 

The doctors have given me a blood card for 6 weeks time and I have had my calcetonin bloods done recently.



Hi hladbu

There will be others along with more advice shortly I'm sure but I would say if you're taking such a large dose of D3, you need to take K2 with it to redirect calcium away from your arteries and to your bones and teeth where it needs to go.  Hopefully you're taking Vitamin D3 and not D2. 

My understanding is that calcitonin is produced by the thyroid gland and helps to keep calcium levels in check so if you've had your thyroid removed, I'm guessing these levels are being checked to ensure your calcium does not get too high.



Thanks for your reply, yes its D3, if i'm low in vitamin D already will it effect its absorbtion or will the vitamin K stop the levels from getting to high?


My understanding is that the K2 redirects the calcium to where it's needed so, in theory, your serum levels shouldn't become elevated although I'm not a medical professional.  By the sounds of things, the hospital is keeping a close eye on your calcitonin levels and I'm sure they'll advise if it's raised.

D3 and K2 should ideally be taken with a meal containing around 10-15g of healthy fats to aid absorption.



Thank you very much! I  will get some k2.


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