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Help with Blood Tests Please


Have had abnormal thyroid bloods for about 6 months & feel really awful. Endo has said lets wait & see if they get any worse!

Bloods taken 2nd March 2016

TSH 0.73 (0.3 - 4.5)

FT3 2.5 (3.1 - 6.8) Below range

FT4 7.3 (11.0 - 22.0) Below range

TPO 24 (0.0 - 34.0)

Vit D 79 (Optimal)

B12 561 (150.0 - 1000.0)

Folate 11.8 (2.0 - 18.8)

Ferritin 57 (12.0 - 250.0)

Bloods taken 14th January 2016

TSH 2.8 (0.30 - 4.5)

FT3 3.6 (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4 7.8 (11.0 - 22.0) Below Range

Bloods taken 8th December 2015

TSH 0.73 (0.3 - 4.5)

FT3 5.0 (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4 5.4 (11.0 - 22.0) Below Range

TPO 42 (0.00 - 34.0) Above Range

Bloods taken 24th November 2015

TSH 4.11 (0.3 - 4.5)

FT3 4.3 (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4 6.9 (11.0 - 22.0) Below range

Bloods taken 26th June 2015

TSH 8.6 (0.3 - 4.5) Above range

FT3 3.7 (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4 8.1 (11.0 - 22.0) Below Range

Ferritin 68 (12.0 - 250.0)

Cortisol 9am reference range 526 (170-540)

All other bloods over the months such as kidney, liver blood count etc have been normal.

Thank you for your help

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Your Endocrinologist - change him. If he is only looking at your TSH result - sack him. He hasn't taken any notice at all of your FT4 and FT3 which are both well below range. You have been to see him for I don't know how long, about 10 months and you've to 'continue' in this way.

Either go to your GP and ask for a trial of levothyroxine. He may not as you are with an Endocrinologist.

Or contact Endo and tell him you feel so bad that you would like a trial of levo as your FT3 and FT4 are below range so you haven't sufficient T4 in your receptor cells to convert to T3 and you are seriously thinking of self-medicating.

If he says your 'TSH.........' Tell him that your FT3 is below range when healthy people are in the upper part of the range.

Your very low TSH is dictating that you have sufficient thyroid hormones in your body, when the blood tests for FT4 and FT3 tell a different story. Has he taken an antibodies blood test?

Your TPO in December said you have Hashi's. And that would be why the results are all over the place. And it isn't going to get any better, if that's what he's thinking. But even if it doesn't get any worse, you still need thyroid hormone replacement now. And that is why you feel awful. Shaws has given you some good advice, there. :)

Your B12 could be higher - optimal is 1000.

Your ferritin is too low - should be about over 100.

Your folate is ok, but if you supplement B12 with methylcobalamin - 1000 a day - you should take a B complex with it, containing methylfolate, and that will bring your folate up nicely.

Your cortisol is ok at 9.0 am, but that doesn't tell us what it's like the rest of the day. How are you sleeping?

Museybabes in reply to greygoose

I sleep for a few hours then toss & turn for hours & I am tired all day unable to work.

greygoose in reply to Museybabes

Could be that your cortisol is high at night, then. But you'd have to do a private, 24 hour saliva test to find out.

Thank you so much for your help, I spoke to my GP who sent my results to another Endo & this Endo wants to see me immediately so seeing him on Friday morning. I will let you know the outcome!

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