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Low vitamin D and calcium

Hi everyone,

Just had the following results:

Serum cortisol: 260 nmol/l - no range!!

Vit D3: 36 nmol - borderline insufficiency 30-70 nmol - under 30 severe defficiency

Serum adjusted calcium: 2.1 (2.2-2.6)

Ferritin: 33ug/l (13-150)

Still waiting for B12 and folates

I posted my thyroid function test yesterday and they appear to be good:

TSH 1.1 (0.27-4.20)

Ft4 18 (12-22)

Ft3 4.6 (3.1-6.8)

But still feel very tired, anxiety, tremors and brain fog

Can anyone advise which supplements I should be taking and dosage?

Thank you very much!

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Gaellea, Thyroid levels look good. There is scope to increase Levothyroxine dose but it may be better to address low vits/minerals first as they may be why you are feeling unwell.

I suggest D3 5,000iu daily until vitD is 100. Retest in 4-6 months. Take vitD 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

Ferritin is optimal 75-100. Supplement 210mg Ferrous Fumarate and take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

Calcium is deficient. Your GP should prescribe calcium supplements.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thank you so much Clutter. Exactly the kind of advice I needed. I will definitely follow your advise. I am suddenly feeling very hopeful :)


Sorry, but with all due respect, I disagree about the calcium suppléments. They really aren't a good thing to take. Far better to increase your consumption of calcium-rich foods - not just dairy, but a lot of veggies, too.

Besides, taking vit D3 will increase your calcium levels. But you must take some vit K2 with it, to make sure the increased calcium goes into the bones, and not the tissues.

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I - like you gg thought that calcium could be overdone - maybe it can. However the research in the above link seems to indicate a positive effect of calcium. Don't think it mentions how much or which type - which is always frustrating. More research underway with just two groups to see if the calcium with D lowers the cancer risk. My money would be on the D - but the evidence seems not to be...... :-)

I do agree that D3 - when taken in good amounts - does improve the uptake of calcium in the gut - before it gallops around the blood stream....

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Yes, well, that's the thing, isn't it. Most calcium suppléments are not a good thing, perhaps I should say. I Don't doubt the virtues of the calcium itself, it's the suppléments I have doubts about. The quality of them. From what I've read, you might just as well eat the lime scale out of the kettle! lol


Thank you so much everyone!

Just a silly question, do I take the 5000iu in one go (5 tablets of 1000iu)?


....and K2 ??


Yes and K2 :) all in one go??


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