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Vitamin D test results

Total Vitamin D : 46.2 nmol/L

25-hydroxyvitamin D3 : 43.4 nmol/L,

25-hydroxyvitamin D2 : 2.8 nmol/L

Report says Status: INSUFFICIENCY

But I notice they mention that over 50 is fine so am assuming this level is OK really? The D3 also seems fine (?) but the D2 very low, should that also be around the 50 mark - if it should then it seems very low?

Thanks as always!

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Sorry.... I should mention I'm on no meds or supplements etc. This test was done as an initial move towards getting a complete set of tests done for my thyroid symptoms.


D3 is the one to concentrate on, 43.4 is not desperatly bad, mine is 12nmol !!!

A normal level is defined as greater than 75nmol so you could supplement quite safely but it would be good to get your calcium tested first as taking vit D will increase calcium and high levels are not good.


Hi -the NHS will say that over 50 is fine but you are below that....'In sufficiency' is just that -your GP should be offering you D3 supplements You need to take D3 supplementation. Yor GP is likely to medicate you at 800iu twice perday.

The Vitamin D Council website.which I really recommend you nosey at,. recommends that with hypothroidism you need to be over 80 to feel ok. They belive that many people need 2000iu-5000iu perday of D3.

You should get a follow up blood test 6 months after your GP has started medication of D3.


If you have a savvy gp they will give you the d3 without the calcium. If you were not hypothyroid I think you get prescribed the one with calcium as it works better,

I was looking forward to having the calcium to help my non existent sore nails, but had to have the one without.

I think without calcium helps the heart as your t3 levels are likely to be low it is not normal to be tested for calcium prior to treatment.


Arghhh....... so I should have tested my calcium at the same time. I guess this is the danger of going into self testing.... I couldn't really find a definitive list and order of what tests to do when! Calcium it is then, not sure where I can get this done but will Google it now :-) Thanks for the replies!


Why don't you ask your GP to test these things ? it is far easier to have him/her on board rather than trying to go it alone. If you did run into any problems you might need there help

so better they know what is going on.


Totally agree but every time I ask her she doesn't seem to know what to do, and doesn't really seem interested in doing anything at all. I want to go back to her and say 'this is what I've found out now please refer me to a specialist' - they all seem to be under orders to only do tests, and referrals, if you're about to keel over. I know she thinks I'm a hypochondriac so am fed up asking her, hence my decision to go it alone. Already proving a nightmare though to be honest so maybe I will have to persevere with her.


The problem with doing individual tests is that sometimes they need to be looked at alongside others to get a true picture so unless you know which tests to order then you could be wasting money and not getting anywhere.

When my vit d came back very low the Gp gave me supps BUT didn't do further tests, when I saw my Gastro Consultant he ordered a load more tests, celiac, parathyroid, liver and renal function amongst others because if something is seriously out of range you need to know why, turns out I have high calcium and abnormal liver function, so from that my Endo can then go on to find out why.

Your vit d is just a tad under normal so I'm not in any way suggesting you have anything major going on but you do need a doctor to help interpret any results.

Go and ask her if you can have Vit d and calcium profile tests for starters, they will no doubt come back fine and you can just top up your vit d with otc supps. With your vit d as it is you don't need to see a specialist as you are not deficient.

Good luck


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