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Do I need to take a vitamin D supplement?

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Im hyperthyroid with Graves and have just had the results of the vit D test I asked for. GP has said no further action is required but I'm not sure as have heard vit D is very important in people with Graves, my result is below:

Serum Vitamin D 70.3 nmol/L

<30 nmol/L - vitamin D deficiency

30-79 nmol/L - vitamin D insufficiency, consider replacement

80-150 nmol/L - vitamin D sufficiency

Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks!

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Well, your level is a lot better than mine but it appears to be slightly under range. It seems your doctor has arbitrarily decided it is okay with him but we know in our case we need to be in the higher area of the range. I would supplement with a D3K2 combination and bring the level up or try for 15 minutes of sun without sunscreen applied each day (if you can find it). I often take 10,000 i.u. Some people suggest you have a calcium test before supplementing but I've never done that.

The importance of vitamin D has been known for years and years.

Could you let us know who makes the D3K2 combination please Heloise? Janet.

Many makers are now making the combo since research shows it helps with the distribution to bones and teeth. I've had trouble with absorption of D3 and have tried five different types without a lot of success. Hopefully you won't have that problem. Right now I'm using a liquid from Life Extension but many companies are reputable. You can read reviews on this site and very helpful to see what seems to work for most.

Many thanks for this reply Heloise. I have been taking 2000 i.u. Vit D3 (Solgar Oil) for the past 6 months only for my count to have gone up 4. Initially I took 1000 i.u's and it went up from 34 to 51, so thought this amount would be fine. Am just about to send for another kit from Birmingham City Hospital to see what it now is. I have also just ordered some K2, but whern this is finished I will look into the D3K2 combination. Thank you for this information. Janet.

You are welcome,j, but you need much more than 2000. I was trying 5 to 10k one summer and like you only raised two points. I don't wear sunscreen and tan quickly. Finally doctor prescribed 15,000 i.u. twice a week and it did raise me from 22 to 37. The Life Extension comes in drops and I am trying 10,000 which I think is ten drops and lately read that you should space the doses apart by a few days rather than a daily dose so you could try that.

My mistake, my current D3 is from BioGenesis. If this doesn't work, I'll have to get another prescription. That's how important I feel this prohormone is to your body. T4 is considered a prohormone as well so I think there is a connection.

I had a kit from Birmingham City Hosp but I don't trust their results , my D level was 12nmol/l in March, I had prescription capsules 800iu which I didn't react well to so I have only taken a max of 50 capsules over 3 months,so 40,000iu in 12 weeks, my result came back as 77nmol/l which is hard to believe. I haven't been out in the sun to get any natural Vit D as I had a severe rash during the sunny spell so had to stay out of the sun. Considering most people supplement with huge amounts and rarely increase at all I can only assume my result was incorrect, particularly as I have absorbtion issues as well.

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tegz in reply to bantam12

Did you have the D3 with Calcium? What was your poor reaction,if you don't mind.

I'm prescribed it as bone a bit low- but Calcium is not favourite in everyones book for some reason.

It does interact with Magnesium which most are low in inc. me. I privately take Mg.

-GP said nothing about this.

Your results don't stack right -Agreed.

btw: 40K units would be just a few hours in full sun for most! Keep pressing for a retest.

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bantam12 in reply to tegz

Hi tegz

My calcium is right at the top of the range so I don't take extra and I'm not taking any other vits or supps. The Fultium D3 capsules made the extreme fatigue even worse and I would feel sick and very off a few hours after taking them. I am seeing an Endo at Spire Bristol in case it's a parathyroid problem as Low Vit D + high calcium + high end pth is not right.

I'm due "proper" bloods next month but did the finger prick test just out of curiosity. I can't honestly believe their result of 77nmol/l

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tegz in reply to bantam12

Can't beat the real thing- if you can get :) Glad you're getting some follow up by an expert.

Sorry for hijacking your question CharlS28, but hope the information is of some use to you as well as me. Thank you for further information Heloise. Janet.

Charl- you can safely supplement up to 1000 units a day +K2, but you will need to ensure another test in time -as overdoing this Vit is def. not good.

I can't see why your GP doesn't give you a maintenance dose like this, at least- as your lab result highlights this .

He may think they are a bit wide on limits- but it's the GPs who work to lowest figures as 'fall back' and it's not good enough esp. when challenged by Thyroid problems..

Hope this helps. Ask your GP if there's a specific reason for his decision.

Thanks for all your advice guys! x

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