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Blood Tests

HI, just a quickie.

Had total thyroidectomy October 30th 2015 Spire hospital Bristol after years of feeling I was loosing the plot.

Energy levels and general psychology are all over the place now, not wiling to accept this way of life. I have appointment this week with an Endo. I obviously need to take blood results with me. After a quick trawl through the site i've listed the following.

Should i add any more to this..


free t3

free t4

thyroid antibodies


Vitamin B12,

Vit D,





Many thanks


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Hi Nick, make sure that you get tested for Vitamin D3, not D alone. I would ask for zinc, copper, magnesium. If you need to supplement with calcium, make sure that you also take magnesium l'threonate, and the Vitamin D3, these 3 work synergistically.

Also reverse T3, which they don't like doing. Cortisol is another one, but only the saliva cortisol.

I don't know if you supplement with any of the omegas, specifically omega 3, I take the Extra virgin cod liver oil from Rosita, 150ml, last a month, my next bottle will be from a re-seller here in the Uk, as it is more expensive from Rosita in Norway. I also take Black seed oil, 1 tsp twice daily, if I remember. I get this from the Halal, £4.99 per 100ml bottle. Look up the benefits, loads on the net about it.

I also now take MSM pure organic crystals, 2 x 5000mg daily, which is 2 heaped tsps, together with vitamin c, in the form of ascorbic acid, tastes so bitter, dissolved in hot water, but so worth it. You need to step it up gradually. Also you would need to have a good read about it first.

I have to supplement with ferrous fumerate.

Everyone has to find their own niche, and just keep on experimenting, but if the doc does all of these tests, at least you will have a starting point. Remember to get all of the anti-bodies done, my doc has only done the thyroid peroxidase test, which isn't good enough, but that's Newcastle for you. I also self-medicate with 50mg daily in 4 doses of T3 which I bought in Crete last year, the doc prescribed me with 125mg T4 daily, for the last 12 years, but it was sadly lacking.

I am sure that there will be more that they will do, let me know how you get on, cheers Veronica


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