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Hi have test results from last week appreciate any comments. Am currently on levothyroxine100mg daily. Have had odd dreams for the past month and unbalanced feeling when waking in the morning literally as awakening.

TSH <0.03mu/L (0.35-4.94)

T4 15.0pmol/L (9.0-19.0)

Ferritin 36ug/L (10.0-204.0)

Folate 12.6ug/L (3.1-20.5)

Vit B12 556ng/L (150.0-883.0)

Magnesium 0.96mmol/L (0.7-1.0)

Calcium 2.41mmol/L (2.2-2.6)

Other results that were measured were :

Serum follicle stimulating hormone 67.7iu/L (4-10)

Serum LH 25.0iu/L (1-10)

Good/bad - thoughts please.

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  • Peartree, TSH is suppressed but you aren't overmedicated as FT4 is in the top quadrant but not over range.

    Ferritin is low, >100 is optimal. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

    Folate, B12, calcium and magnesium are good.

    I can't help with the sex hormones.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Many thanks noted comment re ferritin and vit C will take and note results as been re done in February - have been low for a long time.

  • Peartree, it can take months to raise ferritin. Make sure you take iron 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Ferritin is way way too low it must be over 100 on that range otherwise your body cannot even utilise the levo to create the t3 that every cell needs to function hence you are toxic with unused levo

  • Thanks will mention to GP tomorrow could answer reason of deams and unbalanced feeling when awakening too.

  • I think your TSH is too suppressed which could mean that you overmedicating. I was in a similar situation last month and although instinctively I didn't want to reduce my levothyroxine I did some research into the risks of taking too much levothyroxine. Long term risks include bone weakness and 3 times more likely to have cardiac problems in the future. Dr Toft has written a booklet for the BMA on thyroid disease I recommend it.

  • Thank you the GP has written on results to reduce to 75mg.

  • Don't do it! You will feel worse because your FT4 isn't high enough yet.

    Suppressed TSH is not a problem. I will repeat that, because it's very important, supressed TSH is not a problem.

    TSH = Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. And it does exactly what it says on the box - it stumulates the thyroid gland to make more hormone. It has no connection with bones or the heart or anything else.

    My TSH has been suppressed for years, and I have good bones and a healthy heart - and I'm 70! The endos I've seen haven't been in the least bothered about my TSH being suppressed.

    TSH is a useless test. Have a read here - I posted this yesterday, and it explains it all :


    I would also say that your vit B12 could be higher. Optimal is now known to be 1000. You can't over-dose on B12 because it is water-soluble, so excess is excreted. :)

  • Catrionasyme, I'm sorry, but you are wrong about this. A suppressed TSH does not mean one is over-medicated. It doesn't mean anything at all on it's own. You are only over-medicated if your FT3 is way over-range.

    I would be interested to see where you've been reading that says this. Because all research that has been done so far says the opposite, as far as I know.

    I agree that taking too much Levo is a bad thing, but you cannot tell that from the TSH alone.

  • Wondering - have you ever managed to get FT3 levels done, seems such a minefield to gain information and get medication right.

  • Well, I've always had it done when I've had thyroid bloods, because I live in France. I've never tried in the UK. But you do see people on here who have managed to get it done.

    The information you will gain on here, if you read enough. I only managed to get the 'medication' right by self-treating, though.

  • I don't believe that I am wrong. All medical opinion that I have seen states that a TSH which is too suppressed is not advisable. It indicates that there is too much thyroxine in your system which is not good. Everyones optimum FT4 level will be different. I have yet to see any evidence to convince me that this is not correct.

  • Well, if you search on here, you will find lots of evidence that it is not correct. Have a look here for a start :


    If one is dosed by the TSH, one can end up very sick indeed.

  • I agree with gg. I was threatened with an unwelcome reduction in dose because of the GP's fear I would develop atrial fibrillation and/or osteoporosis, but when I researched it, I came up with information that says the risks are overstated.

    I offered to have an ECG if my doctor was worried about my heart, or a bone scan to check my bones (although nothing was noted about the state of my bones when I broke an ankle while running last year).

    The GP then looked back at my previous results and noted with some surprise that I'd always had a low TSH and strangely had not developed any heart issues as she might have expected.




    This is just my experience and I am not a medical professional

  • Many thanks for comments will have a read and become more informed.

  • GP cancelled appointment but another telephoned so aked about ferritin - GP wasn't concerned as within range - I raised concern that optimal level needs to be around 100 - after discussion she agreed to prescribe iron (take evey other day).

  • Pft! Well, better than nothing, I suppose. You might be better off asking a new question about iron on here, and going it alone.

  • Many thanks

  • You're welcome. :)

  • They never are concerned when numbers are "within range" because they dont treat by symptoms. My serum B12 was low end, but it was considered fine because it was within range. Never mind that I felt as though I was dying. My folate was marked as low, suggests deficiency. Guess what? That was ignored too!

  • Hi Peartree,

    I'm with Greygoose, my tsh was also 0.03 on my last 2 bloods. First lot my doc dropped me from 125 after a few years to 100 and won't have it that I'm feeling worse with symptoms like heart palpitations, lethargy, generally being cross about every thing, painful joints etc the list goes on, all starting to raise their ugly heads again again. So if you can avoid dropping do so....

    I'm making my other half come to the docs with me after Christmas so he can tell the doctor how much worse I am, as she won't believe me, saying there is a risk to my heart and bone etc..

  • I had this conversation with my GP. I asked her to prove what she was saying was true. She changed the subject! I am on T3 now with T4. Rarely have palpitations or arrythmias and I have had them for all of 15 years.

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