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Silly Season?

It might be silly season two visits to the 'new' GP ( now 'old' GP as we've just sacked him) have given my husband and I much to laugh about. Last week we registered, had a general check up and had blood taken. Today I picked up the results.

Comments include:

----Doc: T3? Listen - it's not important. ( That's why I ignored you and didn't request it)

----Doc: Hormone panel? No. You didn't need it. ( That's why I ignored both of you)

----Doc: Hashimotos? Antibodies? Listen. This Hashimotos (with a dismissive shake of the hand) - you have it and then it's stable. Nothing changes...nothing happens. ( That's why I ignored you and didn't request it.)

---Me: But doctor - the antibody count does change and anyway, it's a progressive autoimmune disease...and eventually will cause (obvious-even-to-you) problems with my thyroid so I'd like to know what's happening...humour me!

---Doc: ( Shakes head...pokes me on the arm): Maybe you know more than me, eh?

---Doc: Vit D? Oh listen - it's all the fashion to supplement and I don't understand why. A couple of hours in the sun and you'll be fine. ( Levels: 52 nmol husband; 72 nmol me.)

....Doc: Ferritin? Iron? Oh..why? Did you want to know?

....Doc: Triglycerides? Not important. You don't need to know. ( That's why it hasn't been tested) And that rise in LDL? Eat less butter maybe? ( For the record doc my triglycerides, unlike the LDL, are usually very low - and btw, I'm dairy free!)

....Me: I think I have low stomach acid. Doc: Low stomach acid?? No no - you have too much acid! Maybe I can give you something.

...Doc: So your weight problem...( from 8 stone to 12 stone in 15 years) You want to lose weight? I can't give you thyroxine you know. ( Did I ever mention I wanted it?!!!!!) Maybe do more sport? Eat less?? ( Yes. He really said this!)

....Doc ( to my husband): Loss of libido? After 15 years of marriage that's normal.

....Doc ( to me) Loss of libido? Well, when you put on kilos....

....Doc ( in response to my questions regarding body hair loss, daily fatigue, poor sleep, shivers at night, weak nails, infections, aching wrists and fingers) BIG FAT SILENCE.

And while this might be common in countries where healthcare is public, healthcare here is not public. Insurance and out of your own pocket. All of these tests we would have paid for.

Oh well. A new depth has been reached. :-)

The search for a new doctor begins again....

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Your post is laughable - but not funny due to the inability of doctors to know 'something' instead of 'nothing'. As you say you have to pay for all the nonsense you had to listen to. No wonder people self-diagnose and self-medicate. At least you know where you are then. :)


I agree Shaws. Laughable but not at all funny. I made light of it perhaps because I honestly wasn't was just more of the same.

I didn't say in my post but have just finished Dr Peatfield's book and read some of Dr Lowe's studies which have helped me enormously. Have been recording body temp, have ordered Thyroid Gold and armed myself ( pun intended) with blood pressure cuff. If I can't get the doctoring I need then I shall doctor myself...

The information and support from this community has been invaluable.


The correct reply when he pokes you in the arm is to ask him where he got his thyroid knowlege from.... It obviously wasnt the same place as you!

You well shot of him.... What a moron....



Moron indeed. That poke on the arm was quite physical. It wasn't a pat, definitely a full-force poke and felt very much like 'Hey....shut up. I'm talking'.

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It's almost as if these docs are playing 'ignore thyroid symptoms' bingo. I wonder what they win if they manage to get a full house?


I full house of near dead patients? What a reputation that would be! *said sarcastically of course*

How some of these doctors are still able to practice. How about some holistic doctoring...."first, do no harm". A little listening goes a long way...even for 2 minutes, rather than just brushing off without a valid explanation (because they don't know and bluster and belittle instead).

I daresay you probably get some old timer doctors who might not be up to date on some research but (as in a post further up) it's shocking that trainee GP's are still being peddled the same old codswallop. There are people suffering here FFS and all they get back is snarkiness and a condescending pat on the arm. Grrrr.


My GP (he's young) told me he could supply me with free Slimming World on the NHS! Oh and statins. But, on my birthday last week, told me there's nothing more he or the Endo can do for me. Sayonara and goodnight basically. Moron.

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It would be comic if it weren't tragic. Good on you for taking it lightheartedly or you'd get angry. We sufferers should sit down one day and write a book of all we hear in appointment. :-)

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Wow! That's shocking and bordering on incompetent


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