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Bloods baffling my gp

Please help.

Doc is at a loss to why my results are as they are.

He doesn't know I'm taking thyroid s (3 tabs)

My symptoms are peri menopause although I've been tested and showing at pre menopause levels

No libido feeling very low at times and constant headache and problems eith my ears.

My results

After 24 hour fast

Serum free T3 level- 2.1 (2.4-5.7)

T4 10 (9 -20)

TSH 0.04 (0.35 - 4.94)



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You aren't taking enough Thyroid-S as FT3 is below range. It is low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.

You ought to have advised that you are self medicating. I'm not surprise your doctor is baffled. Suppressed TSH usually indicates hyperthyroidism but low FT4 and FT3 indicate hypothyroidism.

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I didn't know if I should tell him as when on previous visits had asked about ndt or t3 was not received well, especially the t3.

He is speaking to a specialist as to what to do for me.

I am currently taking 3 thyroid s which I've worked up to slowly should I increase you think?



It's discourteous and a waste of your GP's and the specialist's time not to say you are self-medicating to explain your supposedly baffling results.

You need to increase dose until FT3 is >4.5.


I know and now I feel even worse for not being upfront

You are right.

Thanks for your help

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Your GP may not have had time to contact the specialist. If you emailed him or dropped an explanation by letter into the surgery that would stop him progressing it.

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Wiil do.


If the GP was very concerned they would have rung the specialist to get immediate advice, so @shazbaz111 you need to tell your GP as soon as possible that you are self-medicating, what with and why.

If you are too embarrassed to face them in person or simply can't due to the appointment system, go in and hand in a short letter addressed to the doctor at reception stating it is for their immediate attention.

Hard to believe but some GPs are actually conscientious and will telephone specialists if they are worried about a patient. If it is serious they will telephone you back asap or the reception will call you in a few days.

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It is usual to have a low TSH and T4 result when medicating NDT but T3 should be higher so showing you are under medicated.

Also, as you are supplementing bio-identical transdermal progesterone cream, I assume you have been tested for elevated oestrogen. Not keeping O&P balanced can lead to high TBG which binds too much thyroid hormone, leaving a lesser amount for activity.

If this were the case only increasing NDT may not alleviate all hypo symptoms.

Agree with Clutter re your doctor and blood tests. Either liaise with your doctor or perform private bloods as these results are causing anxiety for all ! ..


Free T3 under range suggest that you aren't converting the T4 in Thyroid S to T3. I'd add some T3 to it. Do you have results for B12, ferritin and folate as less than optimum levels will hinder conversion?

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Hi Angel of the North.

I don't have results for b12 and foliate and doc said my iron is fine.

Feel a bit unsure of adding anything else to the mix.

Was thinking if I was still taking thyroxine only then I'd be much worse and be even lower on t3, as at least with taking thyroid s I'm getting some all be it not enough t3.

I have upped my dose from 3 tabs to 4 to see if that helps.


I sometimes wonder if the labs put the decimal point in the right place. TSH of 4.00 would be much more plausible with your other results. Maybe their computer systems require a 3 digit figure and need the trailing zeros to be input but they weren't. Last time my T4 was about 10 but my TSH came in around 0.5 rather than a more usual 5.0 when it has never been below 4 since I was diagnosed 11 years ago - and I wasn't feeling great.

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