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Blood results on NDT


I was wondering if anyone could help me with interpreting my blood results.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 2007. Since then I have been on Levo until May this year (130mg), when I changed to NDT (Nature-Throid). I started with 0.5 grain and now I'm on 2 grains. Last week I did blood tests and my TSH is very elevated. I do feel very sleep, which I know is a sign of high TSH. For the last 3 months I have been taking vit D3, B12, adrenals support, vit C and iron. Stopped it all a few days before the tests.

TSH - 19,30 (0.27 - 4,2)

FT3 - 2,42 (2 - 4,4)

FT4 - 0,78 (0,93 - 1,7)

TPO - 345,9 (0 -34)

TG - 25,76 (0 -115)

ferritin - 32,2 (13 - 150)

iron - 79,6 (50 - 175)

calcium - 9,58 (8,4 - 10,2)

folic acid >20 (3-17)

Vit. B12 - 542,8 (191 - 663)

Vit. D - 46,3 (30 - 80)

cholesterol - 118 (140 - 190)

HDL cholesterol - 51,8 (30 - 100)

LDL cholesterol - 30 (<130)

triglycerides - 42 (35 - 160)

And I right thinking that I should keep increasing NDT? Not sure why my folic acid is so high as I haven't been supplementing it. Also the cholesterol looks a bit low...I would be grateful for any help.

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Hi Massao, yes increase your NDT by 1/2 grain and stick with that for a couple of weeks before increasing again. TSH is surprisingly high considering you are on NDT 2 grains. If you have any Levothyroxine left you might want to take a little in addition to the NDT until your TSH is in range.

Your ferritin is low. Optimal is 70-90. Take each dose of iron with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption. Take iron 4 hours away from NDT.

Your vit D is also low and you should supplement with vitD3 until it is high in range.

Can cholesterol be too low?


Hi massao -

just wondering what your Thyroid function tests were like before Nature-throid? (which I also take).

I believe 2 grains has equivalent potency to 200mcg levo (full replacement dose for a 14 stone person, but folk differ) so there may well be other vit/mins to sort first before optimal replacement is achieved (or even just taking meds away from food & supplements) Folate & B12 work together and an active B12 test is a better indication.....

Vit D may make a difference to those elevated TPO nastybodies (or even cutting out gluten) best wishes J :D


Thank you Clutter and spareribs for your replies. I have been struggling with low iron for 10 years and my vit d3 was under 30 before the supplementation so I thought it wasn't too bad. Sigh. 3 months of supplementation and my results aren't great:( I have also been on SCD diet for the last 3 months (no gluten or complex sugars) hoping it would help with the absorption of supplements, but it didn't help really. Before the diet my TPO was 466 and not is 345...not a big drop after 3 months of gluten free diet I think.

Cholesterol can be too low and it can interfere with hormones and vit. d production:


My thyroid function before NDT:

TSH was never higher than 4.18 or lower than 0.95. It used to go up ever 6 months, then I increased levo and it went down to about 1, and then 6 months later THS went up again and I had to increase levo.

My FT4 was always in range, more towards the top end, FT3 in the middle.

Spareribs, I may take some levo with my ndt as you suggested (I have some left) as going to work (and driving a car) while feeling so sleepy is pretty difficult.

I've read some people felt better pretty quickly after changing to NDT, so feeling a bit disappointed it didn't happen to me.

Thank you for your help!


Oh rats- I just lost my response....

I tried to correct your low cholesterol is dangerous link. I keep forgetting to remember, is this somewhere near?

Anyway, I'm sure I harped on about how you're already clued up, vital/mins important, on the right track and it was Clutter suggested Levo too - with very best wishes and wish I could help! Jane :D


Think it might be this one:


Massao, being hypothyroid can impair driving more than drinking so take it carefully


cholesterol is fine

but your ferritin must be over 70 and preferably 100

Are you taking 500mg vit C with the iron ?

yes you need to push up NDT to get T3 near top of its range

I think you have TSH result wrong though

recheck what you have entered and edit


Yes, I take iron with vit. C. My TSH result is correct, it says 19,3. I;m seeing an edno next week so I may ask for another test.


Yes your cholesterol is low, possibly due to your Hashis.


I'm on 3 grains of Nature Throid and with those results i definitely think you need to increase. I also have Hashi's!

If you still feel no better after a couple of weeks on 2 and a half , you will probably need to go to 3


Thank you, I will do that. I wonder what's the highest NDT dose people take? I know its usually 2-3 grains but maybe I need more than that? Or maybe I need T3 on top of NDT?


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