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I am newish and need inform on my results

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I have been a member for some time but due to feeling yuk with no motivation to go to they gym which was my life - feeling low sleep pattern and bowel movements are like a pendulum and vary, Stomach pains, low mood - which i have just started to experience could someone help enlighting if my levels look correct as I feel if they are something is not quite right,

serum soduim 141mmol/L (133 - 146)

serum potassium 4.7 " (3.5 - 5.3)

serum urea level 5.4 " (2.5 - 7.8)

serum creatinine 7.6 " (45 -85)

GFR calculated abb MORD 70units (90-120)

serum cholesterol 4.1 ( 0 - 5)

triglycerides 0.6 nmol/l (0-1.70)

serum HDL Cholesterol level 1.3 nmol/l > 1.2

LDL Cholesterol 2.5nmol/L (0-3)

Cholesterol HDL ratio 3.2

see non HDL cholesterol level 2.8 nmol (0-3.0)

serum glucose 4.3 nmol/l (3.0 -7.7)

Thyroid STIM Hormone (TSH) serum TSH level 1.75 mIU/L (0.4 - 4.00)

B12 & Folate (DAS3642 - Low folate, no macrocytosis

servum vitamin B12 347 ng/L (191 -663)

QUeries?: select treatment scenario Thyroxine (T$) for 1 Hypoth

!serum folate 3.2 up/l (3.99 -26.8)

borderline low folate level no treatment unless red cells are macroytic and B12 normal. If macrocytosis suggest trial of treatment with folic acid 5mg PO daily and monitor. (these are on results but no advise given to me)

can anyone let me know if these ranges or good or if there is something in these that might be making me feel the way I do... Or if I should requery these result as when I was told all normal i could of hit the floor. I have never struggled with weight but its creeping on but this may be due to having no energy to go to the gym which is where I enjoyed doing until October last year.

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serum creatinine 7.6 " (45 -85)

Should that be 76??


GFR calculated abb MORD 70units (90-120)

This is a test of kidney function and is a bit low. You might want to discuss with your GP.


serum vitamin B12 347 ng/L (191 -663)

!serum folate 3.2 up/l (3.99 -26.8)

borderline low folate level no treatment unless red cells are macroytic and B12 normal. If macrocytosis suggest trial of treatment with folic acid 5mg PO daily and monitor. (these are on results but no advise given to me)

Folate is under range therefore you are folate deficient. The comment mentions treatment with folic acid of macrocytosis so your doctor should investigate this. Macroytosis is enlargement of red blood cells. Your GP should do a full blood count along with haemoglobin test.

Regardless of your folate level, B12 under 500 can cause neurological problems so you could supplement with sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges to raise this. Recommended level is very top of range, even 900-1000.


TSH 1.75 (0.4-4.0) This would appear to be reasonable but most treated hypo patients are better when it is 1 or below.

FT4 and if possible FT3 as well are needed for a full thyroid picture.


You also need Vit D and ferritin tested, if they haven't been done then ask your GP.


Other results are in range and appear to be OK.

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SlasJ in reply to SeasideSusie

sorry yes serum creatinline is meant to say 76 (45 -85)

Thank you so much as I dont understand any of it. It is like a foreign language and unfortunately nothing is explained when you go to the Drs. I am starting to learn from on here but the dr wasnt best pleased when I asked for the results and said what I would be doing with them.

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Also have you had thyroid antibodies tested? You need to know if cause of being hypo is autoimmune thyroid - called Hashimoto's.

If antibodies are high then many of us find changing to gluten free diet greatly reduces symptoms

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SlasJ in reply to SlowDragon

I have put on every result that was on my result sheet so it looks like they havent been tested. I asked her what Hashimotos was and she asked me why I asked and I said I had heard about it and was wondering if that was possibly something I had. I was informed by her that I am hypo and hashimotos is a condition for those who are hyper I am not sure if this is correct??. I am learning slowly about different things and questioned her about my levels as due to reading about optimal levels etsc she wasnt impressed and when i asked for my results I got a lecture on her not wanting to give me them due to the trees which implied she wasnt pleased . I had to stress I was entitled to them and I got them begrudgingly after she asked why I wanted them so I told her to keep a track and question them on here. Her who persona change once I started asking questions and asking for my results.

when 1st diagnosed in 2015 ( where apart from thinking I was going through the menopause due to symptoms ) The dr who I saw back then asked if their was antoimmune disease in the family which there wasnt. I was in a state of shock for a while to learn I was hyp and devastated to be on tablets for life that I just took the tablets felt great got on with life and since Oct 2016 I have lost my mojo hence when I saw the post on burn out two weeks ago I made an appointment. I had been diagnosed with COPd due to low oxygen levels later in 2015 but after being determinded I had been wrongly diagnosed. However I have recently became breathless and not sure if this is linked to being Hypo.

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Your GP is wrong - Hashimoto's is most common reason for being hypo. It is autoimmune thyroid

Some people do initially swing from feeling hyper to hypo - but they are actually hypo.

Ask to have antibodies tested. Or get done privately



If you have Hashimotos you need to look at the cause, usually gut related and most commonly gluten

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to SlowDragon

Just for perspective:

Hashimoto's is most common reason for being hypo in the UK, USA and many other places. However in the whole world, it is still iodine deficiency by far.

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SlasJ in reply to SlowDragon

I knew she was incorrect as I had read it too often in the hypo related posts which is why I had asked. And you know my gut has recently started paining and my movements are going from pains in gut and not being able to get off the toilet and feeling bloated with weight gain ( this has been going on a bout two month ) then other days not being able to go to the toilet. which is more like my normal self. I have worked out I cant eat Muesli as it has been killing me and my gut goes wild isnd I was on pasta two days ago and last night and today I am crippled with my gut which is putting me off my food.

Thank you for your response they are all so helpful and making me knowledgeable

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Josiesmum in reply to SlasJ

Really strongly recommend going gluten free.

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You can make your own gluten free muesli. Use certified gluten free oats (oars are gluten free but must be processed in GFree mill)

Add nuts,,seeds etc and can have kefir on it too

I make using Brazil's, walnuts, cranberry, raisins, apricot, sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, chia dates & figs

Watch out for hidden gluten in sauces, beer, etc

If you look on the Thyroid Uk site lots of useful info plus Thyroid Uk is suggested on NHS choices so if she wants to know where your knowledge has come from she should respect what you are telling her. Strange thought that the doctors that don't really want you to see your results are often the ones that don't understand them!

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SlasJ in reply to silverfox7

So true. I have just been on their site following advice from you all. I have learnt so much in 10mins.

Thank you

Worth reading this book:


And watching these videos:


And changing your GP ;-)

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SlasJ in reply to Josiesmum

I am considering reporting her to the practice regarding Hasmitoes information and her attitude on giving me my results

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