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Help with results please?

Just got a print out with my latest blood results. I specifically asked for T3 and antibodies...but as per usual didn't get them. I am furious!

My GP says I am undermedicated and wants to increase my Levo from 100 to 125mcg. Can you lovely people take a look at my results and give me your opinion please?

SERUM TSH 4.03 mu /L 0.30-4.70 mu/L

(Consider adjustment of dose)

THYROID FUNCTION - Normal no action

Serum TSH level 4.17 mu/L 0.30-4.70 mu/L

Serum Free T4 18.1 pmo/L 9.50-21.50pmo/L

SERUM FERRITIN - Normal no action 143 ug/L

Ferritin and iron stores:

<12 ug/1 complete absence of stored iron

<20 ug/1 indicates depletion

>60 ug/ 1 deficiency unlikely

>200 ug/ 1 may indicate overload in premenopausal women

>300 ug/ 1 may indicate overload in postmenopausal women

B12/ Folate level - Normal no action

Serum B12 644 ng/L 170.00 -700.00 ng/L

Serum free T4 18.1 pmo/L 9.50-21.50 pmo/L

LIVER FUNCTION TEST - Normal no action

Serum total protein 69 g/L 60.00 -80.00

Serum albumin 44 g/L 35.00-50.00

Serum total bilirubin 6 umo/L <21.00 umo/L

Serum alkaline

phosphatase 68 u/L 30.00 - 130.00 u/L

Serum ALT 19 u/L <40.00 u/L


vit D Normal - no action


<25nmol/L - Vit D deficiency

Consider treatment

25-50nmol/L - Vit D may be insufficient

>50nmol/L Vit D sufficiency

Phew I need a lie down after that!

I have been on Thyroxine for about 3 years now but have never had a fasting blood test taken first thing so it's likely the results I've had in the past have been incorrect. Is there a chance that my antibody level could be incorrect too? It was originally 1600 but was approx. 1000 last time. I have been gluten free for 2 years (though my new GP has said this won't help me........(!) and also didn't seem to be very interested in the levels. Interestingly, the late Dr Skinner also didn't seem to set much store by them, so I hope they are right and I am wrong because they scare me to death.

I am definitely inclined to get my T3/antibodies tested privately now and would be very grateful for any advice/info anyone can give me on these figures. Thanks :-)

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Normally people taking Levothyroxine feel good when their TSH level is at 1 or below. The question is, how do you feel? A raise in dose does seem appropriate.

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I Don't think fasting or not fasting will have any effect on your antibodies. But the reason doctors aren't interested in them is because there's nothing they can do about them, as things stand. But they Don't know much about autoimmune, so your doctor is wrong about gluten-free - it's obviously helped you as your level has gone down! lol But Don't be scared of antibodies. They're not going to do much except eat away at yor thyroid. Which is why your TSH should be suppressed, because that often stops them acting. So, Under those circumstances, yes, you do need an increase in dose.

What an early morning, fasting blood test does have an effect on is your TSH. So, your TSH is probably higher than that - it gets lower as the day goes on, and after you've eaten. So, once again, yes, you do need an increase. But what is really important is to know your FT3, so yes, do get that tested privately. TSH and FT4 give no indication of the level of FT3. :)

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Given that your T4 is towards the top of the range and your TSH is as high as it is, there is a real possibility that you are not converting the T4 to the active hormone, T3 and you do really need to know what it is.

The problem is that the doc may have asked for T3, but the lab, seeing that you have a high TSH has ignored that. So if you can bear it, a private free T3 test is probably the way to go.

But in the mean time you should go for the increase.

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Hi everyone, thanks for your help.

eeng - I have felt both better and worse before so at the moment don't feel too bad. However certain symptoms (hair, weight, sleep etc) are still a problem so obviously something isn't right.

greygoose - My GP notified me of the increase in dose by letter and said to contact her if I had any queries so though I'm probably wasting my time I am going to ask again for my T3 and antibodies to be tested. Failing that, I will get it done privately. Are all of the companies pretty reliable do you know?

Ruthi - I also think I am not converting properly. However I have about as much chance of convincing my GP of that as waking up tomorrow as an 8 stone weakling! I will definitely get tested privately if she won't test for T3 etc I'm sure she won't.


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