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Help with results please?

After my last check (TSH 1.88 (0.30-4.70 mu7L) ) I told my GP I still had symptoms to which she replied that if I did it wasn't due to my Thyroid. So she offered to do a full blood screen to rule anything else ou and I now have the results. Everything is "normal" but I would appreciate some help/advice on the following please (taken on 7.3.16):

B12 377 pmo/L 145-569.00

TSH 2.50 mu/L 0.30 - 4.70 mu/L (increased from 1.88 on 25.2.16!!)

Free T4 18.1 pmo/L 9.50-21.50 pmo/L

HbA1c level 34 mmol/mol Non diabetic subjects less than 42 mmol

B12/folate level:

Serum folate 7.8 ug/L 4.60 -1870 ug/L

Serum vit b12 377 pmo/L 145.00-569

Serum ferritin 135 ug/L over 60 def unlikely

over 200 indicates overload in pre menopausal women

Vit D 137 nmo/L over 50 vit D sufficiency

I am confused re folate/B12 and also am curious as to why my TSH has increased?

Many thanks in advance :-)

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Your B12 & folate are both too low. (I think that folate range is missing a decimal point though)

High ferritin can indicate inflammation, which may be because you have Hashi's - have you had your antibodies tested?

Your FT4 'looks' OK - but the higher TSH indicates your body isn't getting enough hormone - you need your FT3 tested to know really.


Thanks Harry, and well done for spotting the missing decimal point ;-)

I already take Vit B complex (incl B12) so what else can I do to increase my levels?

I do have Hashis. My latest antibody figure was 564, which is massively high but has come down from the original 1600.

I had my T3 tested in October and it was 4.5 (range 3.5-6.5). My GP is very negative re T3 and not only says that it is impossible for it to be prescribed in the UK, but says she would NOT prescribe it as it's toeing the party line as usual.

My Levo was increased from 100 to 125 in November but has made no difference whatsoever and over the last week or so I have been absolutely shattered, look dreadful and know something isn't quite right.

I'm sure I have absorption problems and have started taking Cider Vinegar before meals to see if that will help.

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A B complex is not enough to raise B12. You need methylcobalamin, such as Jarrows or Solgar. The high street tends to use cyanocobalamin which is not as good. I buy mine on Amazon.

I need my FT3 to be above 6 to feel well. But then I get all my own testing & self medicate so I don't have to toe any lines! ;-)


And Jarrows methylfolate, not folic acid


I tried Methyl B12 about two years ago and came out in massive zits...and still bear the scars so I'm kind of loath to take it again :-( Is there any way round this?

I've just swotted up on Methylfolate and there seems to be some pretty bad side effects. I take it you haven't suffered from anything?

A Thyroid buddy of mine offered me some T3 a couple of weeks ago but I was scared to take it...maybe I should reconsider!


I've never had side effects from B12 or folate, but everyone is different I guess. I'd never heard of side effects from Methylfolate. Maybe it's the fillers & you are sensitive to them.

You can get B12 as a spray, if that helps? Or you can self inject hydroxycobalamin.

Adding T3 to Levo is one way to go, you just need to take it slowly as direct T3 (as T3 or as NDT) can be a bit of a shock to start with. Bear in mind it will suppress your TSH, so the doctor won't be impressed.


The B12 spray might be worth a go. I am running out of things to try to get myself back to normal! 

I am so scared to take T3. I know most people improve with it, but not everyone, and going it alone is a worry to me as I know my GP won't support me.

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My GP has done nothing for me! So I'm better off alone. But it's a very personal decision 


Nor has mine! If I had any confidence in my ability to manage my meds alone I would but despite reading lots and lots of stuff, nothing seems to "stick" these days :-( I will def give the B12 a go and pray the dreaded zits don't come back.


Please don't be frightened to try a small dose of t3 and see to building it up.  I started with 20mcg of t3 on top of 75 levo which I reduced and raised my t3.  I now take 80 t3 no levo and am fine.  Your doctor really doesn't know very much about the thyroid.

Jo  xx


My doctor "talks a good job". She obviously took in everything she was taught at medical school but sadly thinks Levo solves everything and that when blood fall in the range dictated that everything is normal-no question. I would be happy to buy T3 myself if only she would give me guidance but I have about as much chance of that happening as waking up weighing 7 stone!


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