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Bloods results...Any advice please?


Here are my blood results:

Vit D 72 nmol/L (75 - 150nmol/L)


Serum TSH level 0.09 mu/L (0.30 - 6.0 mu/L)

Serum FreeT4 26.4 pmol/L (10.00 - 22.00pmolL) 125mcg levothyroxine daily

B12/Folate level

Serum B12 1087 ng/L (191.00 - 663.00ng/L) currently self medicating once monthly 1mg/1ml hydroxicobalamin injection IM.

Serum Folate 12.7ug/L (460 - 18.70 ug/L)


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your Tsh level is low.Your T4 is also high.I think you should reduce 25mcg thyroxine daily dose.Folate is also very low.You should take vit b complex tab daily along with the injection of vit B12.B complex contain folic acid and your folate level will rise.


Thank you naveed.

I'm reducing it to 100mcg Levo daily.

I'm also commencing Vit D supplements, but I've read on here that supplements of folic acid are not a good idea??

However I don't know how else to up the folate...


Olliedog, If you're not symptomatic reduce your T4 to 100mcg/125mcg alternate days. Slightly elevated FT4 isn't a problem and your TSH is low, but not suppressed.

Naveed's right to suggest taking a B complex as you have B12 injections but I don't think you need to supplement folate. There is no problem supplementing folic acid or methylfolate if you want to raise your folate but I don't think you need to. Eating more folate rich foods like fortified cereals and bread also improves folate.

Vit D is optimal 75-200. Everyone should supplement vitD3 Oct-Apr when light levels are too low to stimulate vitD.


Thanks will do as you suggest!


Olliedog, scroll down to Treatment options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments on thyroid levels


Don't reduce thyroxine. If you feel well, keep it as it is. Don't worry about TSH, mine is undetecatable (less than 0.001) If you still have symptoms, there is still scope to increase thyroxine until your T4 reaches 30. Look up Dr A Toft. Some people don't feel well until T4 is as high as 30 and their TSH is undetecatable. My T4 is down to 15 from 21, so am increasing my dose. Currently taking 100mcg of thyroxine, though going to increase it. Also, have you had your Free T3 tested?


Gp refused my request for T3 - as my TSH is "normal" it was an interesting debate. He is referring me to endo!


Sorry for late reply. I am trying to find my way round this site and now worked out how to see my own messages and reply. I am new to this site. It's good that you are being referred to an Endo. A good endo, should take a blood test for T3. However, do beware, as most endo's specialise in diabetes, not thyroid. I am in the process of being referred to another endo in England (I live in Wales) as I am not happy with mine and there aren't any in Wales who specialise in thyroid. The one I have, does check T3, T4 and TSH, however, like my gp practise, obsesses with TSH and does not look at the full picture and my hypo symptoms. In my case, mine is trying to lower thyroxine, whereas I have increased it to try and alleviate my symptoms. Have a look at the link that Clutter sent you, as I found this useful, and it may help you. I mention this a lot when I go to see gp. I really hope that you have a thyroid friendly endo who will be really good. If not, you can always look for another and ask for a 2nd referral if it doesn't work out.


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