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Hi again. I posted my blood results wrong last after explaining that I have an under active thyroid for the last 4 yrs + have been self medicating for about a year and a half + upto 1+3/4 grain of nature throid + 6mg of t3 but still got alot of symptoms + not feeling much better. I don't understand any of these results + would be grateful if any of you could help in what they mean. Thanks in advance.

25-OH VIT D- (DDL2059) D2 LEVEL 5. D3 LEVEL 79.

FREE T3(DDL2059) 5.1 pmol/L. 3.60-6.40 pmol/L.

TSH 1.5. Mu/L 0.30-6.00 Mu/L.

FREE T4 -8.1 pmol/L. 10.00-22.00 pmol/L.

Ferritin (DDL,2059) 55 ug/L 13.00-150.00ug/L.

VIT B12 2000. ng/L 200.00-770.00 ng/L.

Folate 17.6 ug/L. 3.90-26.80 ug/L. Thanks again.

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  • Alfinno,

    Most people on NDT and T3 need FT3 higher in range and TSH lower in range. I would increase NDT dose to 2.25 grains and retest in 6-8 weeks.

    Vit D 79 is in the optimal range 75 -200.

    Ferritin is optimal halfway through range to around 100. I would supplement iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from NDT and T3.

    Folate is good.

    Are you supplementing B12?

  • Hi clutter yes my B12 VIT results were 2000 ng/L. 200.00-770.00ng/L. Should I increase my ndt in one go or in little doses do you think + stay on 6mg of t3 what I'm on now. Thanks

  • Alfinno,

    You can increase 1/2 grain in one go and yes, keep taking T3.

    You could reduce the amount of B12 supplement you are using. It won't harm you but there is no point in peeing out expensive supplements.

  • Hi clutter thanks again for your help with results + I will up my ndt starting tomorrow and hopefully start feeling better soon. How long will it take do you think clutter for the extra ndt to start me feeling better. I also have to have another blood test for prolactin if you could help me out with what that's for please. Thanks

  • Alfinno,

    I think you should start to feel some improvement a couple of weeks after increasing dose.


  • Thanks for your help and time clutter

  • You still have a bit of wiggle room w your ndt. Your t3 is ok but could be higher and your t4 is quite low. I don't feel well when my t4 is low (though others say it doesn't matter to them, so horses for courses I guess). Your tsh is maybe a bit higher than ideal if you're one of those who feels better under 1.

    Your ferritin could use a boost. If the vit d is measured on the usual range it is unusually good. Not sure what the latest advice is on d, keeping it close to 80 or 100 - ? - so maybe someone w more knowledge can clarify.

  • Thanks for your help with results and I'm going to start upping my ndt + see how it goes. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon

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