Saliva test results could it be cushings?

Finally after a year of the tests sitting there I got around to doing it and now have my results any help of what to do next would be greatly appreciated. All my results are high and if I am right it's pointing in the direction of cushings syndrome? I am going to get an Dr's appointment to discuss further however.

Sample 1 61.5 (7.45 -32.56)

Sample 2 21.83 (2.76 - 11.31)

Sample 3 12.51 (1.38 - 7.45)

Sample 4 6.80 (0.83 - 3.86)

Sum of cortisol 102.3

DHEA - Cortisol Ratio NR

DHEA sample 1 3.47

DHEA sample 3 1.17

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ashley32 hi.. i too have my little kit in my drawer.. was it hard to gather the samples? i know its only to the 3 ml mark but its a lot when your under pressure lol... i will be interested to see your replies on this one.

It actually wasn't to bad to be honest I managed to fill it above the 3ml as there was quite a bit of froth (you probably didn't want to know that!) and it needs to be clear of that ideally so I just gave a little more to air on the side of caution. It took me 5 mins or so. I swirled my mouth with water before each test too. To be honest I am relieved it's finally done and I can hopefully get set to work on dealing with my adrenals. That said not sure what i am dealing with as they are all so high.

ashley32 yes i thought they were.. are they supposed to go down as the day progresses? there are different patterns meaning different things i think? thanks for reply... x

Yes that's right I would have guessed mines would have all been low because of how I was feeling but as many others have said, the symptoms are all very similar.

ashley32 when do you feel at your worst? i feel the worst about 5 death.. i dont get back to sleep after that .

Probably from 12pm to 6/7pm. The mornings it takes me awhile to get going but having two very young children I have no choice but to get going! ☺

I sleep pretty well to be honest but that said I never wake feeling refreshed. I am unable to deal with stress like I used to and feel that as time had gone on I probably now lead a much quieter live socially too. Bright lights are unbearable to. These are just some of the symptoms I feel as a result of my adrenals not to mention the fatigue!!

ashley32 are you going to take your results to your doc? he must listen to u surely ? its hard for you with young ones... i work , its horrendous, but at least i can come home n slob... just be kind to yourself... when we are better we can go partying together ... hehehex

Yeah I have now been referred to see an endo so hopefully I will get to the bottom of this. x

ashley32 where did you get your test from? I enquired with BH and they charge £169 .I was a bit shocked.

Thanks Pp

Hi Pp,

I got my saliva tests done by Genova Diagnoses at a much lower price.

Hope this helps Pp

J 😀

Thank you Jose , will take a look .

M x

Genova diagnostics cost I think £79 and with the courier service it was £89 total for the Adrenal stress profile. x

Wow ashley that is quite a difference in price !

Thank you Pp

I use Genova for all my tests and they do seem more reasonable. Goodluck with yours. x

ashley I have always used BH for bloods but this is double Genova prices.

Thanks again x

No problem. x

My results weren't quite as high as yours, but also all elevated. You don't need to worry unless your results go up.

Just concentrate on reducing stress, coping better, and generally being kinder to yourself. I haven't retested yet, but I think I am getting better.

I am concerned because of how high they are. If they were high and just out of range I would just start to treat on my own but they are almost double the reference range which points to possibly Cushings. I have now been referred to an endo so I am unable to treat until they rule out cushings as I don't want skew any results.

Mine were all pretty well exactly double the reference range - so lower than your first two, but similar for the next ones. They just said to retest just in case.

You have me worried now. Maybe I had better do another test just in case.

I hear the Cushings test (ACTH stim) is pretty unpleasant! Good luck!

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